I Fucked Up....

Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, May 4, 2006.

  1. alright guy's I'm having a girl issue now... I've been an asshole to my ex, and the thing is that I've been off of weed all the time I've been an major asshole... i mean, i told her boyfriend that i fucked her, and even posted it on her myspace... and the funny thing is... I didn't realized all the things I said were really un called for untill last night i finally smoked it up... I felt like shit (still do) and man, it sucks. Sorry guy's just gota vent this some where, and the brotherhood of the blades seems like a nice place.
  2. first off... dont blame you being a douche on weed. that just gives you an excuse everytime you do something wrong.

    second you need to set the record straight with EVERYBODY you told

    third. apologize to your ex. maybe send her some flowers or something. say it to her in person. not on the phone and not online.
  3. shit happens, man. make amends with her and move on. you'll feel better about it afterwards.
  4. Dude I said after i toked up, that's when I realized i was an asshole... I'm a very mean person when I'm off of weed--:smoking:
  5. Fuck it, is your ex. I've never met someone on good terms with ex-gfs, and I'd be a bit suspicious of the mindset of someone who was :smoke:
  6. you right dude, but she was a good girl, it's jsut that I felt like an asswhole after realizing what I said, she didn't deserve it.
  7. apologize?A sincere apology heals much, specially with girls.Peace brothuh
  8. Yeah, I'd just talk to her and be like "shit, I know I fucked up and I didnt mean the shit I said, etc." I try to be on pretty good terms with most of my ex's because friends are always better than enemies.

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