I FUCKED UP with this girl. long.

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  1. So a couple of weeks ago my mom invited me over to stay at her house because she would be having this Rotary Club Exchange student over for a week and a half or some shit, she had met her and she was like SHE IS TOTALLY YOUR TYPE so i said "fuck it" and went over,

    we went and picked her up from the airport and DAMN she was stunning, LETS CALL HER "J" kinda short, brunette, pale skin, CRYSTAL BLUE EYES (i love), really good looking body. first day she goes to sleep early, next day i take her tanning because shes from UTAH so she's really white, She tells me abou herself. She's 23, turning 12th may. shes majorin in Interior Design, Im just listening to everything she says, im really interested, shes addicted to coffe, so we go get coffer that night.
    Next day we wake up rreally late so all we do is Chill and help my mom run some errands, but we go late to bed because we were watching a movie.
    Next day I take her tanning again, coffe and its a Friday so im like lets go out! she says ok but i have a headache only if it goes down... she tells me she's tired like at 8:00pm, goes to bed early again while I go out with some friends...
    next day, TANNING, COFFE, SHOPPING, MOVIE, boating at a lake, NOW I GO TO BED EARLY

    So all this time I dont really want to make a move because she keeps reminding me every 30 mins that im younger than her, but I still throw some hints every now and then. I was just being a total gentleman to her, opening her doors almost all the time, asking her if she needs anything, to which she always said no.

    So here are the datails i think mattered... 1. I dont have my own car, I recently crashed and totalled my MINI and i dont have any sort of vehicle so Im borrowing my moms car, which isnt bad a 2006 AUDI. 2. Im not working at the moment, so im living off my savings, which i have to ration. 3. she says she is INTO older guys, idk if she was trying to get a reaction or something, but anyway...

    I have to go away for a couple of days because I have exams, so as Im leaving, she's like "PLEASE COME BACK, I'll BE DEAD BORED IF YOUR NOT HERE..."

    So i go to exams, thinking about her alot. i decide to go back to my mom's house for the rest of her time here.

    I get to my mom's house, "J" isnt staying there anymore, she went to a friend of my moms house, which is a lot bigger than my mom's (and hers isnt small!) , they have alot of cars, boats, etc. Theyre really wealthy. and they have a 19 year old son, who I get along with but not that much... LETS CALL HIM "D"

    So first day im back shes not picking up my calls, so i go hang with my cousin, but at night i call her again and then we go out for coffe, but she just TALKS SO MUCH IM INTIMIDATED!

    second day, we were supposed to go to this nightclub, for which she cancells, saying we'll go nect day.
    third day, no contact until nightfall when we agree a time to meet at nightclub, which is BTW, my mom's friend's "husband's" brother, so i have a reservation for a VIP
    All that day i spent drinking with my cousing at my mom's so by night im kinda buzzed....So we get there I have my friends, who brought some girls over, and there's "J", "D", and some of D"s friends, along with some other girls.

    At first we are all shy, trying to start conversations or some shit, when one of my friend asks "WE ARE ALL SINGLE, RIGHT??" to which a couple on their side says no. "ITS COOL U 2 ARE TOGETHER, everybody else grab somebody!" so we start dancing, drinking whiskey, smoking weed, cigarrettes and hookah at this private lounge, when I go up to this girl to dance, and while being discreet try to kiss her, to which she says no, i ask why and she says "UR 21!!"
    I get really, really pissed in my high-drunkness that I start grinding on of of D's girl friends, By then we've been a couple of hours in and this girl is prety drunk, so she start eating my face, and me, being in my drunken state, dont deny anything at all and have a good time.

    next dawn, after I take this girl home, I start recalling seeing "J" looking at me with a really weird expression on her face while I was with this girl, but ATM i dindt give a fuck.
    I send her an inbox apologizing for the way I acted and that it was not a proper way to behave infront of a guest and shit... back to the gentleman. she relpy's "ok, np"

    She left next day, as planned and today when i first talked to her again on FB i was like how was your trip back? "good" bla bla bla all this shitty i dont want to talk to you answers.
    She is comming back this summer, staying with us for a while then with "D" for another.
    my question to you GRASSCITY PEOPLE>.... did I fuck up forever or can I still take another swing at the girl, for the record i dont want her just for sex, id love to be her boyfriend, like go to live in her city or something, i just want to know if she's in...
  2. she clearly hates you

    lol but really just keep talking to her and if she continues to not care why care, theres gotta be someone else....
  3. Move on man, if it was meant to be, it will be.
  4. all that effort, work and pussy facing 'gentlemen' bullshit got you no where.
    if you're gonna take that approach, i say FORGET THE BITCH

    pay her less attention next time.
    even make a master plan revolving around her getting jealous, and wanting to fuck you(atleast for a night). so lie you got a girlfriend etc

    ----can i come over to your rich houses? can you adopt me?
    im chillz i promise. hook me up with a v.i.p. booth too homie
  5. ^^^ first 3 responses at 9:09
  6. lol tanning lets go tanning hey your a morman i bet youve never tanned before.

    guessing she's not into jersey shore sorry bro
  7. If it was ment to be, it would of happened, dude. Sorry to say - get the girl out of your head. Just another chick with a good face, obviously nothing special because you treated her like a queen and didn't give you shit in return. Turn and move on brah.
  8. ignore her almost completely till she comes back,
    then just spit mad game
    dont open the door for her, make her open the door
    not all girls want a "gentleman" some think that shits too cheezy
  9. Really now? She never fucking liked you. You never had a shot. For example i am 6'5. If i am talking to some bitch and she says "i would never date a guy over 6'0" Then i take the fucking hint. Thats her way of saying. "DONT FUCKING MAKE A MOVE ON ME" So when a chick says to you " i am INTO older guys" And you are two years younger then her you should take the fucking hint. You made your move. She turned you down. You should have made a smarter move but she doesn't want you bro. You are a boy to her. She wants a man. With money. Sorry.

  10. Kinda obvious he has no game.
  11. she denied you and you rubbed it in her face. I call that a fucking WIN.
  12. so good job chief and she will be on ur nuts next summer for sure.
  13. just ignore her man, she will come around
  14. HHAHA yes indeed man, it was like a FUCK IT, THIS GIRL DDOOEESS FIND ME SEXY and will let me grind her ass for 2 hours straight.
    To all those saying maybe next summer, if shes really interested about wealth, she will love my uncles new yacht and the new HAYABUSA1300 im getting on JULY.
    And im not rich, man. Im just lucky to have two parents who did really well in life and i've been lucky to get some luxuries... and i've always loved work and have found that investing really does pay off.

  15. I see what ur sayin but it all depends on how a girl said it, they could just be pokin fun at your height tryin to flirt.

  16. Yea thats true. But its obvious this chick didn't say it to him in a flirting way. I mean he made it sound like she was really INTO grandpa dicks so...
  17. nah man she asked me to take her to the beach so she could tan, i didnt tell her "HEY LETS GO TO THE BEACH U NEED A TAN" lol haha and she's not mormon, she was raised a mormon but she has the same belief as I do. Main Force, No bible or any book bullshit
  18. Nah man she actually said it in a playful tone most of the time, sometimes in a seroious manner... idk if she was flirting or not. probbly was. idk i dont call that week wasted because I got to tap the fuck out of that girl from the club. And shes not into GRANDPA DICK lol she just likes like 30/32 year old men, you know when we actually become men and stop being just guys...
  19. If you believe that she actually is only into older guys 30-32 years of age with no exceptions then you are just a fool. Thats just a line of crap she was giving you.
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    okay cuz JIMMER FREDDETTE is a BITCH i didnt want you to get mixed up with the wrong crowd

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