I fucked up...what do I do?

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  1. So I've been texting this other girl and my girlfriend recently found out and freaked the fuck out.  Me and the girl were just friends and have always been just friends and I didn't plan on cheating on my girlfriend with her whatsoever, but I have gotten head from her and did other shit with her before when we were drunk and my girlfriend knows that.
    So long story short this happened a couple days ago, right after it happened so was so mad she wouldnt see me, talk to me, anything....the next day I conviced her to let me take her out to lunch and then later that night I took her to the movies. Seemed like everything was going good until after the movie at her house she seemed like she started thinking about it again and got all depressed and shit.  Next day she says shes still mad and doesn't wanna hang out she goes out and gets drunk, drunk texts me how much shes loves me and misses everything being like normal.  Then last night she came over and we were watching a movie everything seemed to be going good until she said she watned to leave early and then that whole night were just fighting and arguing over text she keeps telling me she doesn't know what she wants know and she still loves me but thinks everything feels different that i've been lying to her.
    I have no clue what to do.  How do I make her want me again?  I love this girl and can't imagine losing her...it already hurts like a bitch even though we haven't broken up officially yet.  

  2. have you suggested telling your girlfriend you will cut the other girl off?
  3. I did tell her I sent her the screeshot of me telling the girl we cant be friends anymore and I showed her that I deleted her number.  I think shes just lost all trust in me because I did tell my girlfriend that I was gonna stop texting her before and I lied so this is kinda the second time this has happened....
    This girl hates my guts now so I'm defintely not talking to her anymore regardless of what i've done before.  I just don'tthink my girlfriend will ever beleive me or trust me anymore....
  4. ight what you can say to your girlfriend is you kept the other girl around to have a female perspective to your relationship...if it sounds like bs i guess dont..but it seems like your girlfriend still wants you. if you just back off im sure she will text you first like you said when she went out and got drunk. what you wanna avoid is this cycle of it being brought up over and over again obviously. my other suggestion just ask what your girlfriend wants from you...and give it to her.
  5. I basically just sent her an ultamiatum shes not awake yet but she'll see it when she gets up.
    It was a long ass text so I'll summarize.  I basically said I'm not gonna try and get you to forgive me anymore...I told her that I love her still and always will but I'm not gonna keep doing this if she refuses to let it go.  I said you either love me and want everything to go back to normal or your losing your feelings for me and you want to move on.  If she says she still doesn't know or is confused I'm just gonna leave her alone completely.  Not text her or talk to her.  It's gonna be hard as fuck for me to do cause I just wanna beg her for forgiveness but I feel like I've already done that and fell flat on my face.  
    I think the key is to give her space until she realizes she misses me and wants me back.  I'm just hoping it works and she doesn't just start talking to other people and then I'm fucked.  
    This is probably gonna be a hard next week hopefull everything goes as I'm planning it...
  6. sounds like you said exactly what she needs to hear..hope it all goes well. in the mean time put that energy you had for her back on yourself and live! :)
  7. True...I have summer classes 2 days a week and every other day I'm working so I have shit to keep my mind off her.  Plus I have friends who will get high or drunk whenever lol so I think it won't be as hard as I think it will be but right now everything just hurts like a bitch i really did love this girl.  
  8. I don't have a freekin clue ever in my life to figure out the mysteries of the human female. I am too stupid to figure it out so I gave up trying. Now I am free of all that. Sometimes, I get lonley, and then I come on GC and read posts like this and it puts me back into perspective.
    George Carlin said women are crazy because men are stupid. I agree.
  9. well if you're just friends with the girl you've been texting maybe you should considering finding a new girlfriend because your girl is very insecure and you're not gonna be able to fix that
  10. Well nah I text other girls that she knows I'm just friends with and doesn't care, its just this one girl.
    Alright I kinda left out the fact that we broke up for a week like a month ago and I basically did everything with her besides fuck and my girl found out so she was like never talk to this bitch ever again when we got back together and then she caught me texting her even though we really are just friends we just kinda like to hook up when were drunk and hanging out lol I would never cheat on my girl though i've only gotten with this girl when we were broken up.
    So yea this is all my fucking fault....im just stupid as fuck.  I hate that I'm letting this girl get away from me I don't think I could get a better girl than her shes sexy as fuck and I'm just meh, she just really fell in love with me though and it sucks I had to go and fuck all this up.  Before she caught me texting this other girl everything was literally perfect we were head over heals in love she wouldn't wanna go 10 minutes without seeing me or talking to me
    bro no offense but you're losing your sense of self
    if you didn't do shit, stop beating yourself up over her own issues
  12. true she is kinda crazy I think her last boyfriend fucked her up he fucking cheated on her 7 fucking times.....
  13. Oh dude, you gotta read my thread..
  14. Seems likes you should take her to the movies, she always seems to like that. 

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