I fucked up...ex girlfriend is married

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  1. So I've been feelin down lately and broke up with my girl a few days and and decided to call up my ex girlfriend and hang out for the night, even though I knew she is married now and has a kid with the dude.

    Now don't get me wrong I do feel bad for hitting up my ex who's married but I missed her and told myself I won't try anything. Yeah we all know how that went, we had sex a few times last night and I came in her every time because she said she would take a plan B in the morning.

    But I told her lets go to the pharmacy and pick one up but she won't go! She said she doesn't want to take one and that she hopes she has a kid with me like she always wanted...what the fuck

    Her husband is in the army so she's lonely sure, but this is just crazy we both agreed to a plan B and now she just up and says no. We haven't even talked in half a year until last night.

    I'm tripping I don't think she'll get pregnant but who knows? Just felt like sharing this because it's weighing down on me, because I don't want to ruin her marriage and split her kids parents up.

    Moral of the story don't hit up a ex girlfriend, and if you do wear a rubber.
  2. Bitches be crazy bro, but I'm sure you'll be good too. If she does comes back to you saying some dumb shit Id get a paternity test before that hoe starts collecting alimony from two fools! Who knows who else she's been cheating with! With that said I can't blame you, been in a pretty similar situation like that before.
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  4. why are you so shocked shes crazy? what sane person cheats on their husband with their ex and say "oh yeah, go ahead and cum inside me, i'm not taking any birthcontrol but i'll take plan B as plan A"??? plan b specifically states it is not to be used as the primary form of birth control.
    so many red flags here, but you were colorblind.

    I really hope she isn't.
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    Reminds me of the Aesop fable about the farmer and the snake. The farmer saves the snake by putting it in his shirt to keep it from freezing to death and after the snake warmed up it ended up killing the farmer with its venom. As the man lay dying he realized it was his own fault. A snake will always be a snake.

    There is a reason your ex is your ex. You knew this going in. You have no one to blame but yourself. Your best option is to not badger her. It will only make her dig her heels in deeper. I'm sure she will come to her senses when she realizes the impact this will have on her life. Hell she might not even be pregnant. The big question is, why in the fuck weren't you using protection?
  6. Sounds like a nightmare hope she's not pregnant and never go unprotected again also hope she doesn't have any thing that's gonna make your thing rot off.

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  7. I wasn't using protection aside from the obvious reasons cause we have a long history and i trusted her for some reason, I don't truly think she's going to get pregnant, but it's still a possibility and that small chance makes me feel terrible.

    It is 100% my fault...I should of just went to the bar..
  8. Sleepy nuts you should of left your nuts sleep that night lol were gonna have to change your name to gigalo 😯😯

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  9. My ex was deported. Now he's shagging sheep in Scotland. Hope you're reading this Scott. Sorry bastard.
  10. My ex wife is, Well who cares where lol
  11. Chic is nuts....run .....run far away...take it from an expert at dating crazy women, some of them have papers to prove it.....RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN
  12. Hahaha if only it were that easy...
  13. it is that easy......I have full custody of my boys with no visits for crazy mamma. I wasn't joking about those papers and my expertise at dating the Looney bin....its super easy to leave a crazy chic.
  14. It's easy to leave but they can make your life a living hell. Especially if their a stay home mom and don't have anything better to do.that's why I'm not on Facebook too many crazys  

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  15. I feel what you're saying bro, I did leave her pretty easy two years ago. I just meant the situation I put myself in is fucked because I trusted crazy once again. It's her life I'm worried about getting fucked up cause although she is crazy I feel bad for her and care.

    I have a kid on the way from another crazy chick who I left, but will always be there to raise my kid, I'm going to be an awesome dad. Either way
  16. I'm being serious man, take it from me its not worth the headache. If you're still dealing with her your not done. And if the day after pill is your guys form of birth control it won't be long before you're dragging kids thru the same shit mine went through. 1 of mine was the whooops mistake. I love my boys but its hard watching them grow up without a mom. It was harder watching them grow up with a crazy mom. I still feel bad for my ex and I won't admit it to anyone I know but I do care....just trust me man if she is crazy you're only hurting yourself. I was like you once, I loved/ hated that shit. I thought i was going to save her and i so wanted too. My life is better now, I'm not all stressed out, worried sick. You just have to cut all ties, no sad sackin, no sulking, no nothing. It only hurts for a bit, then its over and your life will improve. You don't want all that drama. And if she really is like that, she's not going to change. Sometimes you just have too let go so you can save yourself. I live in a small town , me and my boys see her all the time. They were too young so they don't know her. It took a minute, but I finally got over that shit........life is good

    Congrats on the kid.....circumstances may not be what you wanted, but that little kid is about to rock you're world. Everything changes. That's when I changed. Putting myself through that crap was my own problem. Dragging my kids through it was devastating. Thankfully they were too young, but they'll forever be scarred. I had too do what was best for them.......good luck bro. Someday you'll meet the right girl. I did and fucked that up by running off with a crazy chic. Bear myself up regularly for my mistake.....live and learn
  17. Youre lucky her husband is army, he will probably kill you painlessly. Marines however....eh it would depend on the individual marine, but what ever it is, it would probably involve pain, lots and lots of pain.
    You dont mess with a marine, or a marine's wife. Semper Fi Motherfucker!

  18. Hahah bitches are SCANDALOUS.

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