I fucked my seedling sideways

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    So put my 2 weekish old seedling outside today for some sun and light rain. Worked great, came home round midnight smoked 1 big bowl and went to go get my plant and bring her inside. Then shit hit the fan.

    I set her down to open the front door and me being a fucking idiot hadn't stabled the pot and it rolled off a table into hard ground and grass...dirt... everywhere... roots... exposed...the horror...:eek:
    But no really this is fucked and I had to scoop her into the same pot while high as a kite(might've been two big bowls). Not easy, had to go run for new soil to repot and then handled the plant a lot due to repositions and a failed transplant. She does not look happy with me, don't think jewelry will cut it with her. (Dark spots are just dirt) What do?

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    First grow, idk I knew this would happen because I have a black thumb<_< if neglect doesn't get it being clumsy will. Clumsy is a funny fuckin word dude. First two are the plant after falling and repotting. Third and fourth are the day before, and the last two are respectively each a day prior to the last.

    sh the soil is fine for now:rolleyes:

    Shit I need to refocus my weed brain:yummy:
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  2. Should bounce back man, if not try again.. cheers for making me laugh :)
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  3. Should I water it or what
  4. *first time grower* You shouldn't worry too much. I fucked up so bad already and my plants are just now (a week later) recovering. I have a plant that I almost dropped (roots got exposed) and it was fine after a couple days.
    I have another plant that I also managed to kick over another plant and just fixed it. Also having difficulties straightening her out.
    Lastly, I didn't have the right soil (MiracleGro Seed Starter-i know it's bad, but just wanted to grow for fun at first), so my plants stopped growing and when I got the FoxFarm Ocean Forrest soil, I transplanted them all. I'm a monster with my plants haha I took them out of their pots one by one and repotted them. I was not nice about it. I left as much MG soil in the pot as I could cuz I didn't want any of it, and exposed the roots so much. Some roots ripped off of my biggest plant (only 4 in.), but it's finally recovering. I have a seed (idk the strain) and it's very strong. Only a few weeks old, and it handled the transplant very well. Even after the exposed roots.

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  5. Main thing that worries me was the fact that I completely destroyed the root ball. All Roots are still intact but all the dirt that it was holding onto was sucker punched away
  6. Also, my plants roots have reached the bottom of the pot but haven't filled in the middle much yet. Transplant to a bigger container or good for now
  7. Oh. I destroyed most of the root balls on my plants. Rolled them around in my hand a little bit to get most of the soil off. It was brutal. I think they did still have a tiny root ball left, but it was mostly exposed.
    It can still recover, it'll just take longer than normal growth. Again, I'm new too haha
    Personally, I'd leave them in that pot and wait a few days, at least because it's still a small plant in a good sized pot for it. Idk for sure though because of the roots. It might just be how they grow. Tap root reaches all the way down, then slowly spreads out, maybe.
    When I went through the chaos, I posted on here for advice and only one guy replied, and he said I should just toss them and start over. But they're slowly recovering, so I will most likely keep them if things get better.

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  8. The guy also said "more studying on your part will prevent false starts" which was good advice

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  9. You should ask somebody with experience. Or Google bad beginnings for weed plants.
    I just looked at the pictures I posted, and comparing them to my plants now, it's not good. They've only grown an inch to an inch and a half in a month. That's not good. I just don't want to give up on her lol I think I'm gonna have to suck it up and toss her tho..

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  10. Yeah plants can take a hell of a beating... it may be stressed for a bit but it'll more than likely bounce back just fine. I wouldn't transplant yet I'd wait 2-3 weeks for the roots to start growing again and to really grab onto the soil so you can just gently pull it out of the put intact next transplant.

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  11. You basically just topped the roots, if anything she lives she'll live stronger than ever, expect a thicker stem.

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  12. yeah dont repot it now. you can still wait a long time
  13. should be fine ive done much worse to plants 4-5 weeks in veg :) just keep a close eye on her
  14. How is she lookin? Worried about that browning on the edges
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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