I fu**ing hate fashion trends!

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  1. What the hell is the point man. I hate these little trends that people follow for a few months and then move on just because some fucking celebrity magazine or some shit decides that so and so is "in". What the hell is "in" anyway man. An example....converse, nobody even liked converse around my neck of the woods up untill like last year. People used to make fun of my converse in school, but now (a few years later) everyone loves them. What is the point man, why can't people just decide for themselves what they like. But no, everyone likes to copy off of eachother because something apparently looks cool.

    These little trends come and go like seasons man, it's fucked up. Society is fucked up. Anyone on the same page as me?
  2. Nah, not me. I grew up and stopped complaining about things like this.
  3. why do you care :smoking:
    do you
  4. Trends are pretty dumb for the most part. The only thing I like about them is that sometimes they might expose me to something I would have never heard about had it not become in vogue. But even then, if I come to like something like that I wouldn't stop wearing it because it is out of style. I just wear stuff I like, and stick to it.

    Still though, every day through people we come across we are influenced subconsciously sometimes without even noticing. A lot of the times, that's how we change.
  5. Hipster of the day award.
  6. Hipster? If you say so man. Just simply seeing if anyone agrees, if you don't there's no need to be sarcastic man.
  7. I don't give a shit. I wear skinny jeans, and that might be considered a "fashion trend..." but I wear them cause I like them. I get a bit of shit from them (I work in a fucking factory, so yea guys are gonna give the guy with skinny jeans a hard time--jokingly, that is), but I still wear them because I like them. If they go "out of style," I'll probably keep wearing them.
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    Sorry, I was just poking fun about the disliking trends bit.

    i get what you mean about Converse though, way back when it seemed like people thought they where cheap and only the edgy kids would wear them. People grow out of it.
  9. I just wear whatever the fuck I like.

    I don't let other people's fashion sense dictate what I wear.

    And for the record,I wear black jeans,mostly black shirts,baseball hat(for boston!)and I like black with green trim shoes.Right now I'm sporting some DC's but I'm gonna pick up some Black and Green Nike Mogan 2's here soon and have been thinking about getting some striped shirts.

    I just like dark colors and think it looks good on me no matter what.
  10. I just wear whatever I think looks cool....

    Someone sounds like they're holding a grudge :bolt:
  11. I just wear what I like, and don't care what others think about it. :) My ex-girlfriend was a "fashion expert" and always had to be 'in' with what was trending. :rolleyes: It's one of the reasons I'm no longer with her.

    Why be so judgemental about something so petty, the sun doesn't rise and set in her ass. If someone's happy with how they look, they shouldn't have to appease others with too much time on their hands.
  12. I think there are more infuriating things about our culture than fashion to be honest. But yeah wear whatever the fuck you want.
  13. Caring about other's susceptibility to trend makes you look influenced as well. Relishing your past individuality/ identity means they got in your head man. Just ignore them and get [​IMG]
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    What do other things have to do with a specific peeve?

    That's deep.

  15. idk, converse have been popular in california for a long time.
  16. I'm wearing converse right now but that's just because i like the style.
  17. For several years I've worn almost solely:

    White T-shirt
    Black sweatshirt
    Sweats (navy blue, grey, or black) or
    Track pants (navy blue, or black) or
    Shorts (same as above ^)
    Black shoes
    White socks
    Various colored underwear ;)

    I generally like x brand of something, but not because its cool.

    Im really just a boring dresser, gave up after being a trend-follower in middle school.
  18. Probably just my town, I mostly remember people rocking nike and skating shoes.
  19. I fu**ing hate people who complain about fashion trends!
  20. wish my dick would become a trend among the ladies.

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