I froze her (almost) and she survived!

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  1. So I started indoor with six plants, stunted from not getting enough light but they were growing. I ended up pulling the plug on the lights as I live off grid and it just wasn't worth it anymore. I was gonna give all six to a friend, but I just couldn't stand to watch them all go away so I kept one, the runt, at four weeks she was barely five inches. I put her in a window and let her get some natural light (lots of daylight here) but the window wasn't an optimal spot as it didn't get light thru enough of the day. I put together a small glass greenhouse with some old windows and started putting her outside during the day until I fell asleep early one night which resulted in her staying out all night (party animal she is!). She looked really happy so I said screw it, why carry her back and forth every night, it wasn't still freezing overnight and I knew she'd do better even if getting a little cold to get all she could from the natural light and not have to wait for me to wake up.

    Until this morning, when I woke up just as the sun was coming up, stepped outside and realised the windshield on my car was iced up. I brought her in and put her near the woodstove to gently warm her, and allow her to get the morning sun since I had to run off to work. I checked the soil and it was definitely freezing, but not all of it and thankfully she was starting to dry so not a lot of moisture to freeze, but there was frozen soil on the edges of the pot for sure. She looked so sad, so droopy, I thought for sure she was a goner. :frown: Nope, she bounced back and is now enjoying the window again until it warms up a bit more. And to top it off, I took a measure and at five weeks she's nine inches tall. All the natural light almost doubled her height in one week.

    Just shows how resilient this plant is. Hopefully I can manage not to kill her. If the weather is decent tomorrow, I'll put her out to enjoy the full light of the sun while it's warm out and let her spend the night inside. I'll try to remember to grab a pic later, wish I'd gotten one when I brought her in so y'all could see how miserable she looked, I still can't believe I didn't kill her, but I'm super stoked she bounced back. :jump:
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  2. The window is tinted, but it's the one window on the sunny side of my house. She's in a 5 gallon planter bag, an actual pot would have held more heat I'm sure and she'd have been better off I think. The leaves sticking out the widest were drooping straight down, the tips were almost touching the edge of the bag.

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