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I Freak Out When I Get High. Been Smoking For Years, But Still...Get Really HIGH.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HappyPerson, May 3, 2009.

  1. So I've been smoking for about 3 years now, entering 4.

    When I smoke weed it's either with a friend or group of friends, or alone at home.

    When I smoke alone at home i'll get really baked, feeling a little anxious knowing my dad can come home at any moment, though usually only toke up mid afternoon; a few hours after he left home and hours before he'll be home. I'll be home listening to music but say the there's a knock on the door and i'll freak out. My eyes have ALWAYS gotten super red every time i smoke weed, even if it's a small hit or two.

    When I smoke at a party with friends I always stay quiet and stay in my head when I'm high. I can't seem to function and converse like a normal person when I'm high. I've been smoking for years but realized it's always been me freaking out.

    When I'm completely sober I'm a talkative guy, to the point where I have no problems approaching meeting new people...but when I'm high I tense up even with the closest of friends.

    There's been many times at parties when I'll be high and stay quiet not saying much for an hour except, "I'm really high." When in actuality my mind is saying, "For some reason, I'm really shy/quiet now."

    I'm just wondering why this is and how I can overcome it.

    The last time I smoked was at a party with friends and there was this super cute girl there. If I was sober I would've had no problem going up to her to talk to her but that night I was baked and didn't say a word all night. I didn't wanna end the night driving home feeling like a dumbass for not saying high so before I left I tried to start a convo with his her but I couldn't think/speak as well as I would have normally so the convo went astray.

    I drove home at least happy I said hi, but I just don't understand how my other friends can get super baked and go to work normally or have a legitimately normal conversation at home with their parents. I'm the one that would freak out if I was high and bumped into my parents at home or something.
  2. It sounds like your smoking middies? If so, that could be part of your problem. I know when Im around people i stay away from middies because i get the same way.
  3. :hello:

    But in all seriousness though, Its really just your mindset. Sounds like your thinking about communicating and functioning normally too much instead of just doing it. Try to tone down the smoking a little so where your just a little baked, plus a beer or two helps.

    I personally wont hit anything harder then a pipe if theres gonna be a lot of people i dont know around. Anything in the bong, vaporizer range just makes me a bit ar tarded
  4. just get it to where smoking and being high is just a normal everyday function. use eyedrops for your red eyes. also just keep the amount you smoke at a minimum, i notice i function better when i'm at the high i want to be not too blazed.
  5. I'm guessing middies is...mids?
    Personally I always enjoyed mids cause my connect would hook it up w/ 4 grams for only $20. I remember picking exactly that up on mornings where I knew I'd have a long day in the city, and would take hits every 30 minutes in between locations throughout my day.

    At least that's what i know we call em'.

    The truth is, I get retarded with any kind of weed. I'll be quiet with any kind of weed, but if it's a strong kush then i'm in my head moreso.

    The night I talked to the girl and bombed I only had 2 hits from a pipe. I'm sure if I hit a bong that night I would've just the 2 small hits did get a small "hello" out of me. Even that night with only 2 small hits I was sitting in the room for 30 minutes thinking of a way to excuse myself and leave for the night.

    I find it so odd that some friends of mine will act completely one hundred percent normal, their eyes won't get red, etc. when they are really high. But there I am somewhat stationed and quiet in mind seat.

    To an extent the truth is, I kinda enjoy weed the most during an event like say a concert with friends or alone at home listening to music or watching a movie with a friend or two.
  6. Sounds like you're just getting a shitload higher than your friends...
  7. Try a sativa strain. You'll get a much more clear headed, energetic high. You'll often get a similar high from a vaporizer, too, if you have access to one. Otherwise, there isn't much to do except avoid smoking in those situations.
  8. Exactly. most mids are indica, i believe, and those are the kinds of high where if you get TOO high, paranoia kicks in hardcore. (if you can get too high off mids :D) sativas are a much happier high, and if you get too high off a sativa, youll probably just have a giggle attack. but in all seriousness, you should probably just try drinking a little bit as well as smoking if your at a party or something. a little liquid courage to help you out ;)
  9. So i'm wondering, how can I determine what I have, if it's a sativa or indica?
    Obviously i've heard of both before and have tried both but when I pick up from my connect I don't ask if it's an indica or sativa blend.

    My connect sends out mass txts' every other day with what kind of weed he's on deck with. Sometimes the names are funny, but nevertheless I know tonight he has White Rhino Kush. That's what it said on the txt....

    As for my friends not being as high as I am; I find that one tough to believe seeing as during our smoke out sessions I'll stop smoking while they continue to pack bowls.
  10. Well the sad thing about illegal weed is that you really dont know what your smoking unless it has a distinct look and you can tell your strains apart. if he really does have a kush, thats going to be an indica as kushs normally are. unless hes lying. or he has no idea. the more you smoke and the more weed you go through you'll be able to pick out the highs. ask your dealer next time you pick up if its sativa or indica. he will normally know.
  11. eh not true, indicas and sativas have some things where you can tell them apart, such as indicas are usually more compact tight nugs, sativas are loose and fluffy. head high = sativa, body stone = indica, and it is possible to have a hybrid. fat leaves = indica, skinny leaves = sativa.. feels like i've explained this too many times.
  12. Yeah normally i'll know 100% what kind it is after i've taken my hits, but at times i am befuddled.
    I'll ask him tonight.
  13. When he sends out mass texts like that, look up the strain on GC. Hazes are always sativa if you ever see one. Unfortunately, you won't find any sativa mids or low dank because it's just inefficient for growers. Indicas produce a lot more bud per plant and are usually ready to harvest a bit sooner. So you'll probably have to buy exotics if you're looking to find a sativa. If I were you, I would buy some sativa whenever your connect has it and save it for social events. Smoke indica when alone or with a small group of friends and sativas when you're at a party or something.

    Good luck.
  14. I have to smoke shit mids too, but the good thing about mids is it usually mixes well with alcohol, So I usually smoke a bowl to every 2 beers and you get to a point where your pretty high but have heaps of confidence and that's how I get high at parties.
  15. smoke less weed
  16. Trying sativas may be a good idea. But if you're like me, it doesn't matter what you smoke or what you smoke it from, you stop talking as soon as you feel the high. It really is a downer when you're chilling with your friends and all of the sudden conversation just stops and it gets awkward. Even with alcohol, hell, even with MDMA, I get the same way and feel the two substances battling it out.So I've pretty much decided to smoke alone the vast majority of the time or save it for when the night is winding down.
  17. #17 barfdog17, May 3, 2009
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    are you fucking kidding me? i can't fathom at all how it would feel to feel awkward on MDMA, it's the perfect social drug. not trying to be rude or anything, but seriously, it's an empathogen, it's nature is to make people comfortable with each other.

    to the OP, it's all in your head. think about what you do when you're sober with women. then get high and think about it, and then slowly adapt weed into more social situations and you'll be able to handle your shit fine
  18. I'm kinda the same after getting super baked but usually a couple shots'll cure any misgivings I may have had earlier. Another thing to keep in mind is that most social fears are in your head, you're only going to talk as much as you want to, it isn't just going to magically happen so just let loose and don't be shy.
  19. So last night I smoked, with my best buddy.

    It was really good kush. Smelled pungent too. We got really high. And I told myself at the beginning of the night to just be talkative. I knew it would be more so easy considering it was only my best friend and i, so we could easily talk about anything....

    As expected, I was shy or quiet; this is my best friend after all. But he could tell I was really high, and I could feel it too. There would be times when we'd be talking, and I'd forget what we were talking about. Seconds after whatever we were conversing about. Also when I was talking i'd stop mid sentence forgetting what I was saying, explaining I was really high.

    So, all in all I wasn't quiet, which I didn't expect too much....But, did stop talking mid sentence and forgot about things we were talking about the same minute...imagine if I did that with a girl? lol.
  20. My man, you have to understand that marijuana acts differently with every single person. Your friends may be able to keep their composure better because of a stronger tolerance or just because they naturally can handle the drug better. As to you forgetting mid sentence... it's a combination of the fact that it's marijuana, and that you clearly handle the drug much differently than your friends. You could try to improve it by increasing your tolerance and smoking more but it seems like it is causing you enough social anxiety that it may not even be worth it to smoke in heavy social situations?

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