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I found your dealer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VolcomSton3d, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. LOL, that list is epic.
  2. None of the above.
  3. Reposted many times.
  4. I'm very happy to say that mine is "Johnny Dependable"...but better. He's always around, he really hooks us up, smokes with us, etc.
  5. Im the bottom one
  6. lmao yea i have the last guy at the moment, but i've had a few dealers in the past that dont really match any of the descriptions.
  7. Thankfully I got myself a johnny dependable.
  8. mine is johnny dependable mixed with mr. medicine mixed with paranoid guy's codewords mixed with ganster's hookups. excuse me while i pick up my take drycleaning?
  9. where i am right now... its mostly Gangster or Street Kid, your either gonna get your good bud from the gangster or find a walking party that just so happens to know some johnny dependable... but you'll never know johnny.
  10. Ahaha. I used to have a Mr. Paranoia. He sold out of a cafe he worked at. You'd have to call him beforehand and say how much you wanted. Then you'd go in and he'd say, "Hey, here's that coffee you wanted," and hand you your weed in a styrofoam cup.

    I know that sounds pretty sketchy, and not paranoid at all, but if you did ANYTHING wrong he'd glare at you and tell you, "just put the money on the table, man. Act cool. Be cool." and have that really shady eye-darting kinda thing going on.

    Apparently once some lady who was a regular at the cafe came up to him and said, "Hey, could I get a bundle?" And he was like, "Uh, I don't know what you're talking about..." And she goes, "You know, a bundle. A bundle of HEROIN. I KNOW YOU DEAL HEROIN HERE!!!" Needless to say he quit that day. I still don't know why she thought it was H.

    He deals out of his apartment now. Last time I called him, I had to explain who I was (he didn't remember me), and then he said, "I don't make deals over the phone" and hung up. Bastard.
  11. Okay, that might not have made sense... I'm blazed off my ass.
  12. i've seen this like 10 times, but the lord of the shwag still makes me laugh everytime i read it hahaha
  13. I know a few street kids, a few paranoia-cases, a group of walking parties, a few gangsters, and my old dealer was the schwag/mids king, only black. Right now I mainly buy from someone who'd be considered a gangster I guess, he's pretty dependable and the price is always at least average.

    Too bad there isn't a "redneck/trailer trash" option, we've got a lot of them here (usually get pretty good prices too).
  14. i got all them bitches...johny is my dude though! i fuckx wit all of em.
  15. Haha, I def have all of those... and I love them all for their unique differences. My number one is Johnny tho. Johnny I'm sure will graduate soon tho and I'll have to find a new Johnny.
  16. lol such a good list, covers em all
  17. Where I used to live, it was my friend's johnny dependable and my various gangsters and street kids, altho I knew a ripoff artist... all he was missing was the ponytail, but he sure had the meth sores. Now it's just a friend, who I guess is johnny dependable mixed with like the street kid or something.
  18. I've got a Johnny dependable, and the walking party.
  19. My Hook up is also Type: Johnny Dependable. Thank God for that! I used to have a Lagging Gangsta X Lord of shwag dealer about 12 years ago. Its the worst hybrid of them all! Take my word for it!

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