i found this disgusting and so sad

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  1. this takes place about a week ago. i was happily seated in class when my thoughts were interupted by my school's principle's voice on the intercom. he was announcing that because of tight funds, the school will no longer be able to provide zero hour (before 7:30a.m.) classes free of charge. starting next year, those who need that extra credit, need that extra high semester average for whatever reason, will be charged $150 per semester. i didn't think anything of this at the time because none of that applies to me.

    not a minute later the principle went on to announce that random student drug tests will be issued to students in extra curricular activities beging next year as well. he stated that the reason was not to punish the students, but to express to parents and students that the district plays an active roll in preventing drug-related violence and also ensuring that the main focus at school is on education "because as the educators of future america, we feel the responsibility of keeping the well-being of the students secure lies with the staff." <--i specifically remember that last line, but i didn't think anything of this at the time because that also doesn't apply to me.

    just yesterday i told my (pro-pot) dad what i heard. he was angry because my little sister was planning on taking a zero hour class next year, her freshman year, cuz she plans on graduating early. he said it was bad enough he was going to be paying for her summer school, now he has to pay more. does apply to me after all :mad: my dad's opinion was that the only time a school has the right to butt into a students' personal life is when the threat of someone being injured is a very real threat, or they are under the influence while in their presence. he said they are taking his money just because some band geek likes to drop a tab here and there. i agreed.

    now, i like to think of myself as a pretty responsible pot smoker. i still have a lot to learn, but that's part of the fun of living. i could be horribly misguided, but the way i saw the principle's words was like this: "hi, we can't seem to come up with the money to further your education which is the very thing that should recieve the majority of our attention seeing as how we are an education facility who expresses concern for the well-being of the student body and all. sorry, i guess! oh but we can, however, scrape up the funds necessary to pay for countless urine tests that we will fling upon people at random along with the money to pay for anything else that will be involved in the ASSFUCKING OF THE STUDENTS' RIGHT OF PRIVACY AND ALSO REALLY PUSH THE BOUNDARIES OF OUR AUTHORITY BY ENCROACHING ON STUDENTS' LIVES OUTSIDE OF THIS BUILDING."

    it just makes me so sad that they don't put education first. you would think that they would because they say they are concerned with the well-being of the students. instead they go on some crazed crusade to ruin the lives of football players, etc. it reminds of the part of the movie (documentary?) grass, when it shows the large amount of money that was spent on the drug war and then in the background you can hear the sound of a toilet flushing. that's what's happening to my littler sister's education money, it's getting flushed down the toilet. it's such bullshit! such injustice! goddamnit weed not legal! ugh. i'm off to smoke a bowl. commence the discussion :smoking:
  2. It's not so much about the well being of students, it's more about what sounds better.

    What gets more immedaite results? Certainly not giving free classes, drug testing does, finding the "delinquints" does, if you catch what I am saying. I do not in any way support this change but they gotta get results in something somehow to get more funding.
  3. i'm going to start by saying that i was clean until i turned 20 and was out of my house.

    i have always felt that the american indoctrination system is more about making kids submit than about teaching them. how could one of the smartest kids (me) fail every single course? i had the sympathy of all but one of my teachers (i didn't like the cunt and made her life a living hell). and the guidance of 2. the faculty that didn't know me though all thought i was on heroin, because after all, if you hate school and disregard authority, you're on drugs. intrestingly enough, i was never tested.
  4. well.. its more about making the school's reputation better (the drug testing situation).. and to please those hardcore anti drug parents... but there really is no point to all of this
  5. yeah adults just seem to experience this power struggle, they feel that they need to be able to control kids because if they don't their authority would be in jeopardy. god fucking damnit this reminds me of the word my friend came up with to describe people like that the "bitch brigade"

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