I found out what hashbrowns are...

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    Wow I was stoned eating at Waffle house and it struck me. Everything is clear now....

    They are both made from potatoes but the hashbrowns are just smaller and sometimes stuck together. Wow, blow my fucking mind some more, please. :smoke:

    Sorry if I sound retarded, but for real...
  2. Oh god man, I think my head just asploded. BTW good fucking choice on the WH.

  3. Hashbrowns are the shit!

    Give me some hashbrowns, covered in runny, egg yolk, and some Tabasco sauce and salt. Mmmmmmmm...

    Perfect munchy for the stoners at 2AM at Denny's.
  4. hashbrowns+ketchup=awesome

    though, one time i found a finger nail in my hashbrowns. :{ more like hashnails.

    nonetheless, they're GREAT!
  5. i've gotten hashbrowns like that before it pissed me off. That company makes french fries too... what happens is all the cuts that are too small to be french fries get rejected and turned into... southern style hash browns. Its cheap, but it still tastes alright. Feels kinda of weird cooking french fries on a frying pan too.
  6. If you think this one is funny...

    My friend Dan is dating a girl much younger than him who is dense to say the least. Anyways...she comes over one day and says "Guys guess what, I figured out how people get Ice in the water bottles today." and she holds up a water bottle with ice in it.

    And some one broke the silence and asked "How is that?" and she said, "You fill the bottle with water and put it in the freezer."

    Complete seriousness. :eek:

    To the OP: Hashbrowns fucking rock. :metal:

    An essential to any good breakfast IMO.

  7. Oh man, i'm fucking drooling now...
  8. See what you did offspring! You come in here with, both french fries and hashbrowns, In plain view one of the largest pot smoking communities and now people are drooling like tards.(No offense shalom)
  9. Holy shit...that's what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow. Eggs sunny side up, and hash browns/home fries with some hot sauce. Wow. I'm so happy!
  10. [​IMG]

    sorry you asked for it
  11. One time I was HELLA baked and I went to McDonalds. Got some hashbrowns to eat inbetween hits of REAL hash :D..

    Mmm, are hashbrowns made with hash?


  12. Fuck.

    Now I wish I were 18 again. Just finished my graduating, getting bombed-drunk and smoke a few bowls.

    Then, head into a place that serves stoners breakfast at 3 in the morning.
  13. HOW DARE YOU!*Stomps off in a stoned stupor towards the kitchen*
  14. I wish i didnt live out in BFE! I miss Denneys... Ima go ask the wife if she's hungry, I need some oral satisfaction only one lady can give. HAHA!

  15. im tempted to -rep you for this

    (not really)
  16. Haha, yea, there's a difference between Hashbrowns, and Hash Brownies. My friend got mixed up as well.

    I like hashbrowns though, but only with like gravy.

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