I found god on shrooms. Crazy shit!

Discussion in 'General' started by Corbrey, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. So about a week ago I was tripping my BALLS off on about a 1/8 of shrooms. It was a great night, and I was just totally gone.

    Well at the start of the trip I kept seeing some funky shit, like nothing that wasn't there, just stuff just changed forum in the corner of my eye. Crazy shit. Well anyways I was starting to get trails, and then my friend Eric walks outside with his girlfriend, and for a split second her face just transformed into a Demon then swapped back, I thought it was awesome as hell, I even had her repeat her steps to see if it would happen again, and it sadly didn't.

    Well more and more into the trip I see demonic creatures out of the corner of my eye, its really starting a freak me the hell out. More and more everyones faces change into demons as I pass them or they pass me. Then my two friends come down the stairs, and for some reason their faces didn't change at all, like EVERYONE was changing for me, EVERYONE, but these two wernt.

    Now these two people who didn't "Morph" in anyway were two of my best friends that are VERY VERY religious people. They are the only two who really believe in god, they go to church once a week and the total package, not strait edge though, thank god! Well through the entire night this kept going on. I wasn't freaked out by it, I knew it was the shrooms. But it was really odd that I was seeing demons for all my friends, and these two remained unaltered. Later that night when we were trashed even more, I had a full SIX hour convo with my friend Urias (Religious one) and Erin (Other one) about god. It was kinda a really good convo for some reason, like I was telling them the shit I was seeing and they were really spooked for me, But I told them it was the drugs fuckin' with my head. It won't stop me from doing drugs in the future, but I now HIGHLY believe in God.

    I personally think drugs are infact a device of the devil, I think they do have some forum of evil spirit inside of them, but none the less I love having a good time when it strikes me, so I won't stop doing them, and even when I do do them, and I see fucked up shit, I turn it into something cool. Hehe.

    Pot is not a drug by the way, thats one is on god's side. I think pot unlocks a world of Karma, where if you fuck someone, you'll get fucked yourself.

    Call me crazy, but that night was intense! Demons, God, Heaven, Hell, and Drugs all packed into one night=Fun times!
  2. Drugs are nothing more than a substance, it's ridiculous to think they are "evil". A person can be evil, an object cannot be.
  3. I use to think that, yeah they are a substance, but I think there is something else to them. Everyone has their own opinion about them, this is mine. I found it REALLY facinating what I saw, and thought on them. And it wasn't my first time tripping on shrooms. And they might be Evil, but it's still a fun time, and to live life, you sometimes have to do evil things ;)

    I mean hell, I'm going into the Marines in 4 months and I'm still smoking pot, that might be evil or stupid, I'm not sure what one. I got to Halloween to smoke my brains out.
  4. Very true! Ever wonder why cannabis grows from the ground? It's demon pubes from HELL.

    but for srs, someone could see the same thing and not say they are demons, they could say that they were mysterious shadows. Heavenly creatures, even, angels. it's a hallucinogen, you didn't really see god, or anything like that. i hope you're a troll, in which case you are a very good one.
    they weren't morphing because you are most comfortable with them. through religion you can most closely relate to them. this is why everyone else might have seemed alien at the time.
  5. These faces were dark blood red, BRIGHT red glowing eyes, and razor sharp teeth, sadly no horns, It was just really freaky, I knew it was just me tripping, but they really looked just evil in general. It was odd.

    And no, pot is on god's side hehe! I'm talking like Chemical drugs and shit are evil, but fun none the less.

    Just to clear things up! I'm NOT against ANY drug out there, well maybe crack, meth, and heroin, those are just stupid. I WILL not stop doing drugs because of this one trip, I know it was just the drugs fucking with my head, I'm saying it changed my views on everything, it made me see the evil and good in the world. I have no changed other then the fact that I saw some crazy stuff on shrooms and I now think there is a god out there.
  6. The mushrooms were evil because they showed you the evil in the people that you hung around with?

    You should download some of Carlos Castaneda's books (i got the eBooks off of isohunt). The books are about Don Juan, a south american shaman who teaches Carlos how to use the sacred plants in order to connect with your spiritual side.
  7. Wow....instead of shrooms expanding your mind and helping you think outside the box it closed it and now you think chemical drugs have evil in them.....well at least you didnt freak out on the trip but seriously if the only reason why you believe in god is because you were tripping on shrooms and you talked about religion for a FULL six hours then you need to trip again and talk to somebody agnostic for a full six hours (an intelligent one at that). Shrooms can bring about a clarity and a sense of peace on the come down, everything seems to make sense about your life, and if on the come down when you were feeling good and everything was clear you had two religious ppl talk to you for 6 hours, then of course you believe in god...especially because alot of religious ppl try to help you "find god." So yeah just think about it more if your serious....if not, troll somewhere else.
  8. I talked to the Sun last time I was tripping. It was intense
  9. Yup - if you are on shrooms and you talk to some bible thumpers for 6 hours .... you are probably gonna come out of that trip believing in god. It's VERY easy to be brainwashed on shrooms so I would highly suggest tripping again and doing some kind of research of your own ... you gotta look at both sides of the story - not just the christian side....and PLEASE do not say that shrooms are evil - that is just complete ignorance.

    Also - every trip you are going to have is going to be completely different from the next usually depending on what kind of mindset you are in...usually, whatever you have been thinking about during your day will come up during your trip and whatever subject you are discussing you will probably look at it from all different kinds of perspectives. To me, it just sounds like you were easily persuaded into believing your christian buddies and what they had to say. I think if you would have sat down with a satanist and talked to him, perhaps you would be going around saying satan is the mighty ruler of all!

  10. Psychedelics give us ALL a 6th sense. It's up to us on how we portray it. The guy whose quote is bolded, you understand my brotha. +rep.

    Leary would be proud of you.
  11. You didnt find god, you got scared into him. Ive been close a few times, to being scared into believing that is. Sometimes you see something so fucked up, from drugs or otherwise, were you just feel you cant go on without god. In my opinion, thats not the best of reasons, but, what can you do, cause its really the only reason for faith.
  12. It will wear off.

    wait a month, you'll be back to the same old you from before you triped.
  13. No these guys were talking about religion and parts from the bible, they wouldn't "Force" something onto me, we were talking about which parts of the bible we think are real, and which ones scare people into thinking there is a god, and this will happen to you enless you get down (giggity!)

    In the back of my mind I always thought there was a god, like no heaven and hell, just a god. But now because of that trip I'm starting to expand my views on it. People need to really read before they post >.<
  14. All I'm saying - is just don't consider drugs evil because it's not the DRUG that makes someone evil. I believe that people themselves are either good or evil, and that a drug can make this more um what's the word ... prevalent? I wouldn't base my views on if their is a god or not from 1 trip, that just seems kind of ignorant to me. Of course, I'm not going to trash your beliefs, you can believe in whatever you want. I'm just saying go out and research it more before you come to a final conclusion, which I'm sure you will, hopefully. I feel that shrooms are very healthy and enlightening when used in moderation and I learn something new about myself and others every time that I trip ... if I didn't, I'd feel like I was wasting my time.
  15. you just cant handle your trip. go back to the marines you jackass poser.

    Flaming is NOT tolerated here! --Hempress

  16. -rep. You gotta chill out bro.

    It sounds like he handled it AMAZINGLY. The demons didn't trip him out. AND he believes in something now. How is our right to just say, " Oh well, they scared you into it"

    It almost sounds like jealousy, that he found something to believe in, and we all are telling him it's bullshit.

    Sorry guys but, Maybe he DID find his God. And it's impressive man. Someone who knows exactly what they believe in? It's something I have NEVER accomplished. Kudos to the OP.
  17. good for you dude. i rediscovered spirituality through drugs too.

    psychedelics imprint things in our minds. shit doesnt just wear off like a distant memory, its in us forever like goin on a sweet vacation.
  18. Thankyou, and finally two people who get what I was saying. And to the other guy, screw you buddy. I fight so you can keep on living, lets see you try to do what I'm about to do. And if your in another country, I still affect your lives, you may hate America with every inch in your body, but if it wasn't for us, you would of been screwed long ago. We put a stop to big bombs that can affect the WORLD (Along with getting free oil.) Not just America.
  19. Haha yeh man. +rep for serving your country.

    I leave october 2nd for airforce bootcamp. I know, marines are hardcore and you probally look down on the airforce...

    But the way the airforce lives, the amazingness, haha I can't wait.

    Glad to see your trip changed you for life (possibly). I know the feeling, I've gone through it a couple times.
  20. You didn't find God on mushrooms, you tripped. As an Athiest myself, I've never believed in God, even going to church as a young child. You just have to go with the trip, espeeically the first one. If you want to see demons on phsycadelics, you have a better chance of seeing them, yaddamean?

    though i don't believe, i love how many lives Jesus has changed. It really impresses me, the friends who took a bad path and now live for Jesus Christ. It's like their better people.

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