I found a wallet at walmart last night...

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  1. the wallet had like $60 and some credit cards in it. i looked at the id and decided that i could NOT steal from a 76 year old man. i just got back from taking his wallet back to him...he was sooooo happy to have it back. i feel good about returning it..:D
  2. nice! yeah I respect old people too much to do that. if it was a younger wallet I woulda kept the cash and returned it or destroyed it
  3. If I find a wallet with money in it, I take things into consideration like that.

    Like how bad I need the money, whether or not I know who it belongs to, ect.

    I found an envelope that had around $50 in it one day. Nothing to indicate who it belonged to or why it was where it was. So of course I kept it.

  4. I appreciate you giving my gramp's his wallet back...

    j/j, but that is a good samaritin(spelling) thing to do and will give you good karma.
  5. I'd like to say that finding a wallet and taking the cash if you truly need the money isn't such a bad thing.

    I've never felt guilty over keeping found money. I know how it feels to lose a wallet too, but if I need cash and I find your wallet, you might get the wallet and shit back but I'll have kept the cash and been like, "No cash in it when I found it sorry."
  6. haha this reminds me of the Seinfeld where Jerrys dad goes to the doctor for xrays and his wallet gets stolen......hm Id feel kind of embarrassed right now if there isnt anymore Seinfeld krew members here
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    HAHA i love seinfeld.

    thanks everybody..i hope karma treats me good!!
  8. can anyone here help me with my signature? I posted a thread, but I havent even had any views yet lol.
  9. Nicely done. Karma can also be a positive thing. :cool:
  10. Awww, that is sweet. You probably made his day and whoever mentioned karma is right. When yours comes back it'll definitely treat you well. :hello:
  11. thats a solid thing to do man, good job
  12. A buddy of mine was in a similar situation but decided to steal the wallet... cops were at his house within an hour. When he went to court the judge said "you didnt do anything different than what anyone else in this room wouldve done" Changed his charges and transfered him to another judge...then told my friend what to tell the next judge so that the judge would drop the charges completely.

    The next week my dad had his wallet stolen and they caught the dude that did it. The guy admitted to it but said he was willing to pay my father back. My dad said 'go fuck yourself' (He had run into the guy before) and wanted to press charges. The cops wouldnt let my dad press charges so now the guy is off free an my dad hasnt seen one dime of his money.

    Im happy to hear that some ppl do the right thing, I hope you find a big bag of dank bud somewhere.
  13. Did your friend use a credit or debit card? Taking a lost wallet isn't very traceable. :confused:
  14. +rep to the OP.
  15. It was surveillance, the wallet was in a purse that was sitting in the middle of a publix parking lot.
    he said there was just over $700, so he went in bought groceries with the money, went home and the cops were knockin on the door real soon.

    According to him, he answered the door, cop asked if he had anything to say.
    "Nope"..... "are you sure?" .. "I havent done anything officer" .. "nothing to say about any money?" .. "No idea what you are talking about"... "we have video of you taking money out of a purse from publix an hr ago" ... "not me"

    i guess he never admitted it until they brought him to the station (hes pretty thick headed)

    but def if you just find a wallet on the street or somn, theres no real way of tracing you.
  16. That was good of you to return the ol' man's wallet. You would want your wallet back if you lost it and it had valuables in it. That's how I always look at it when I'm in a situation like that. Karmaaaa
  17. My friend, you did something very respectable.

    I clap my hands to you.
  18. now watch, something bad is gonna happen lol karma my ass (tho i do kinda believe in that sorta thing)

    but you never know..something really good could happen :) then again it probably didn't even matter (maybe not significantly powerful enough to make something good happen TO YOU)

    maybe in like 30 years or something..it might come back to you
  19. +rep for doing the right thing.

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