I found a seed in my weed

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  1. So I harvested a week ago and I’ve bin smoking some but today I found one single seed in my weed. Everything elts I smoked was fine and it doesn’t look like they where pollinate tbh could it be a hermi? And are hermi seed viable

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    It’s prolly a herm, some strains will do it if left grown “too long” it will grow a plant for sure if it is a viable seed to begin with, hermi or not. Thing is tho, that plant produced from that seed will have a high percent chance of being a “late flower hermi” as well, but might not be. Still could be fire smoke aswell
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  3. Grow it
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  4. no pictures of your plant/harvest/drying? nothing?

    grow it and see if its viable.
  5. It’s already Jard up and curing

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    Probably whats called rodelization. A plant can kick out a few seeds at the end of its life if its allowed to flower long enough, in a last ditch effort to pass on its genitics. I do this on purpose to obtain feminised seeds and keep strains. After I've grown a strain for awhile and ready to switch things up i allow the plants to flower long enough ang get a few seeds. Theres absolutley nothing wrong it, just the plant doing what plants do. As a grower seeds can be a great thing. Lots of growers who dont know get all worried thinking that something went wrong causing the plant to hermie when its totally natural.

    Whats the seed look like? Is it mature? Any pics?

    As long as its mature you should have a viable feminised seed. Congratulations.

    **edit** The seed will not be any more susceptible to herming then feminised seeds bought from breeders do. Ive never had an issue with hermies from rodelization. The whole process of making feminised seed even by breeders is by causing a plant to hermie. So those seeds you pay dearly for have just as much chance as turning hermie as a seed made from rodelization. Atleast rodelization is natural and doeant involve dangerous chemicals .
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  7. A simpler way to look at killset's info. There are plants that are just plain hermies- their seed will be mostly hermies no matter what you do. This is what you usually have when you get really seedy pot (or else, someone stupidly missed a male. :bang:)

    Then there are the stress hermies, who are girls as long as you treat them nice. if stressed, some of them will produce a few seeds, while some go crazy! As a general rule, the fewer seeds you find, the better.

    If you keep a female virgin too long, mildly stressing her, she may pop one or two male flowers out of frustration. That is what you have, judging from the single seed. It should produce a perfectly normal female plant that is very unlikely to be a hermie!

    So plant her, and have fun! :Love-Plant:

    Granny :wave:

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