I found a Scale and 7 grams in my car & It's not mine.

Discussion in 'General' started by SuperSilverHaze, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I have no clue who the hell would leave this in MY GLOVE DEPARTMENT. I seriously dont know to many people who would forget 2 vital things like $100 and a digital scale. I have plenty of people in and out of my car so i cant pin point who it is OR even how long its been in there. FUCK i could have been driving around with it for weeks no knowing.

    dumb ass people
    Do i holler around and see who's it is or should i just keep. No one has asked me or reported this missing and who ever owns it shouldn't if this is how they treat their shit.

    well, im giving the bud a roor run fuck it.:wave:
  2. Smoke it dude
  3. Blaze away bro.
  4. Well is there a possibility that they could have left it in there yesterday? I think you should wait till tonight at least, they might have just been stoned and forgot to take it. I wouldn't blame you for taking a bowl pack but I wouldn't smoke a lot.
  5. Smoke a couple bowls, then if someone asks for it back it's not as bad.

    If no one asks for a couple days, it's yours.
  6. maybe someone was going to frame your ass!
  7. That's greasy, you coulda got burned bad if you got pulled over.
  8. finders fee
  9. post "found" ads all over your neighborhood.
  10. That's yours now
  11. scale is of no value..take the herb home for further review
  12. think of it this way, you would of taken all the heat from the police if you got pulled over and went into your glove box doe your registration or something and weed and a scale falls out. like the officer is really gonna believe its your friends and you didnt know about it :rolleyes: I would smoke that shit up :smoke:

    I had a friend who got pulled over and the cops wanted to search her car and she let them cause she didnt think there was anything to worry about and the cops found two empty vials with yellow powder in the back seat that had DMT in it and it came up as meth on the field test and she spent the night in jail for something that probably fell out of a friends pocket :(
  13. Smoke it, whoever put it there was definitely trying to fuck you over if the cops showed up so fuck em.
  14. at this point id say slowly smoke the weed and hold onto the scale in case anyone asks.. be like nah i didnt even notice for weeks, someone coulda jacked the bag before u saw it. ;):smoke::smoke::smoke:
  15. exactly, Im never one to be spiteful but that could have fucked up a lot of shit i have going on right now. I will never pay for ones ignorance.
  16. yeah i honestly dont even let people bring shit in my car.. I dont wanna deal with popo at all, and if i do have to, i dont want weed in my car, thats for sure.. :smoke:
  17. well do you have an idea of whos it could be? if its completly foreign to you like your claiming, I would keep the shit .
  18. if its completley foreign keep it, but u sure it wasnt one of ur buddies, u dont recognize the scale or the bud as ur buddies. I assume whoever was sittin shotty in ur car to use ur glovebox was a homey
  19. i can only imagine you being pulled over :laughing:

    "i swear officer, its not mine"


    transform it to edibles and put it back in the glove room :smoke:
    leave it in there, grab a bite once in a while, and after some time you'll safely know when to take it all
  20. Wtf. Smoke that shit, if anyone asks, you simply say: What scale/bud? xD

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