I found a bag!

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. I was at the park earlier ballin' ( shootin' hoops for like 3 hours).

    On my way out, I spotted a clear baggie on the ground. It was STUFFED with about 2 grams of some amazing looking kush. Some great looking shit. I scouted the area, and saw no one was around. A couple kids balled with me earlier, and I figured it was theirs. Not having a number, I grabbed it when it got dark out.

    so, I could sell this bag for $40, especially since It was some fat ass kush. AMAZING looking shit. My Boy, like, best friend calls me up when I get home. no talk about Selling - Bliz

    " Yo dude, I know you ain't blazin' no more, but you know anyone with buds?"

    Me: " Holy shit dude, I found a bag at the park, bout $40 worth of kush."

    Him: " Damn dude, I'll be there in 15 minutes."

    So he arrives, and looks at it. I weighed it out, and it weighed 2.3 grams, without the bag. He pulled out his wallet. Apparently college and shit, partying, he was broke. He had only $20 on him. He's my boy, we known each other forever. I tossed him the sack, and said " For an old friend, No charge bro."

    He basically hugged me haha. My boy was like, " When you get the coke this weekend, let me know. I'll put in for it." I told him it wasn't needed, but he wouldn't stop. We ALWAYS have trouble finding a house to chill and do shit at. He said Myself, his girlfriend, and the girl I like could chill at his house and do the coke.

    Awesome night. So now we got a crib to go to and chill with the yay. Woo hoo!:hello::hello:
  2. Damn, thats awesome that you found some fire buds, and real chill that you hooked up ya boy with it, but sucks you cant partake in a session. Have fun with the yay though... how much longer till you gotta leave?
  3. I leave... Oct 2nd. I smoked on saturday ( under the influence of Yay). It was the FIRST time I smoked in a month, and took 3 hits.

    Fortunatly I don't get drug tested for awhile, but I feel that having... 16/17 days for a one time toke is enough ( Erowid says NO more than 9 days or so, I think). And it was only 3 hits.

    I regret it though. I swore I was done, I need to move on. The next chapter of my life includes no drugs, and I need to understand that.
  4. thats badass you keep it real with your friends like that. You can do it bro, half the battle is believing you can quit, then it's done :) once you are busy all day with the military, basic training its going to be eeeaassyyy to stop, you will be so busy all the time. take care
  5. dam spaz on that REAL TALK haha, good shit finding a sack dog.

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