I found a bag

Discussion in 'General' started by 420freedme, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. of Swag yesterday whilst at my lake. Next time leave something I will smoke.

    If you lost about 2or3 grams of green press weed w/a few seeds in it? I put it under the last stone table w/a nug of Bog bubble (1/2 g at least) added to the bag for good luck. It's in the McDees FF cup w/big rock on it. Was windy.

    I will faint if someone claims in here. If not the prisoners that clean the place will enjoy.

  2. LOl thats funny
  3. Its weed, id smoke it.

  4. Finders keepers and if you dont want it...:D

    Im not picky about what I smoke. Hell shwag is all I get here. I havent smoked decent bud in over a year
  5. damn ur right buddy fuck shwag i wouda done the same thing
  6. Damn, i woulda rolled that into a fatty man.

    free weed is free weed...
  7. It's funny that people are so uptight that they won't even accept free weed. That's like turning down a free car because it's not a 40 thousand dollar car. If the shit gets you high, it gets you high. You seem like the type of person to rag on another person because their weed isn't up to par with yours. I could be wrong though....
  8. "Oh thats not white widow or purple kush, i'd rather not be stoned."


  9. If hes willing to give away a half gram of fire weed then hes probably not worried about getting the boo boos.
  10. so where exactly is this lake of yours?
    Free is free . . . us poor people save money anyway we can
  11. Actually homie, regs taste like shit.

  12. found a dub of some bomb ass blueberry a while back. it was blue a little, even. i was so happy. it was the best day ever next to the day i broke up with my ex. she was boring as fuck.
  13. I could understand that more... maybe if it wasn't free. Maybe it's just me but I just don't let free weed pass me up...
  14. haha damn man most people would take the weed but instead you give up some of yours. thats a new spin i never would have thought of
  15. haha, you're not the only one. I don't pass up free bud, and i rarely have to worry about getting schwag or not having bud......but i still wouldn't pass up a free bag, even if it's schwag
  16. haha no shit man. i would have rolled that shit up into a big ass spliff
  17. you did the right thing, who wants a fucking headache smoking shwag anyway:smoking:
  18. I'm a long time grower w/plenty of kind. I had Nycd, S. haze, Purp afgani hash plant and the BB. I also have enphasima. Swag hurts may lungs. I smoked swag for 30+ yrs. I watched kindbud being genetically enhanced until this very day.

    I'm non-religous. Karma is my way. I put it out and good happens. And I feel good about myself.

    In my youth; I would have never posted, granted we had no cable TV or pcs. I'ld have rolled it up and thanked karma.


  19. You found my bag. I drop bags all the time.

    I know the feeling one gets when the bitch becomes the ex. Awwwwwwwww Pure elation.
  20. no its just that if i had the option between a really good pizza place or a dominos i would choose the good pizza place and who knows; maybe there gonan come a lookin for it soon

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