I found 6 seeds...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by andydrew39219, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. in my stash spot wrapped up in cigarette cellophane that had been melted down with a flame to make it airtight. two of these seeds are big fat and black, i think those two came from the chronic bud my friend had a little while ago (in this part of maine we dont get certain chronic strains, we just get some ok hydro maybe once a year, and no more than 3 grams of it), the other ones were small and somewhat dark. so i figured i would germinate them (all six), I have already done this before for a friend, but i have never grown before. I am going to be growing out in an old spot that my friends neighbor used to grow at (its out in the forest a ways back), but he moved. I dont exactly know what to do, but since its outside i dont think theres alot to do. any tips for growing outside, im sure i will have more questions as time goes on. anything i should be reading, like a good outdoor growing guide or something? Thank you for all your help.

    By the way, i am aware it is far out of season, and i most likely wont get any bud out of this (does anyone think theres a possibility of me getting anything out of this except for some experience in this kind of thing), but i figure if i get the practice now, next year will be my first successful year of growing. (hopefully)

    I figure i should ask this now, how will i go about drying, curing this. I live in a house with someone else that doesnt know i smoke, cant know i smoke, and can not under any circumstance find out im growing. cause then ill be living on the streets. but with that said, there is a place in my house where i have maybe 4 feet by 4 feet and approx 3 feet height of space to have something and he would never look there. its completely pitch black in there and i dont think theres alot of ventilation. i heard of a technique for curing that you take paper bags and lay the bud out in the paper bags and it will dry them out or something. im not sure. but if that spot in my place is to small. then i could have it cure and dry in a friends place if he lets me.
  2. my only thought is that the toxic melting plastic fumes that got sealed in there with the seeds cant be good for em :\

    best of luck tho!
  3. i didnt melt through the plastic, i just rolled it up tightly and melted the opened part of the cellophane enough so i could press it closed.

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