I forgot my papers :(

Discussion in 'General' started by weepingduck, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Now I have to walk home because I don't have any money to buy more.

    Have any of you guys ever done something like this? :(
  2. Always got money and papers in my pockets. Never had this problem. :smoke:
  3. Make sure you have a lighter while you're there ;)

  4. I have money just not for papers. It's mother's day onsunday and my bitch of a mum wants some expensive wine. Throw some coins my way? ;)

  5. Always have 4 or 5 lights on me at all times. Coat pockets, bag, jacket and jeans. :p

    ...maybe I should make space for the skins. :rolleyes:

  6. I thought mother's day was in may?...

  7. Nope, from a 30 minute downhill walk away.

    Can you imagine the uphill walk?

  8. I'm english so it's next sunday. :)

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