I forgot how to get high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Itzapissa, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. I forgot being high made everything go in repeat... so what i "thought" in my head was what i actually said a few seconds ago.
    Im about to die from embarrassment.

    Also im feeling scared of being high and i need to "let it go".
    Whats a good song to listen to?

    I got so high and paranoid where i just kept rambeling on and dont remember what i said. And i said some pretty weird shit. Anyone got a blackout while high?
  2. Yo. I've also had that. In my amateur days, there was one time when I smoked a big ass weed joint before going to sleep. I though my body was just a host being used by a ton of tiny people inside me....didn't know who I was, just that I was the one being controlled.:O

    Those scared of being high moments go away over time, you gotta just enjoy being high, because if you didn't feel scared before getting high, why be scared when you're high (especially in a familiar environment)?

    A good song to listen to, for me at least. I recently found it, it's called "La tourre" from The Avener. It's not a French song, just the title. When you're buzzed this songs makes you think about all sorts of stuff :). It's really relaxing!

    In love with Mary Jane
  3. smoke less

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