I for one, was tired of the fake "I love you"

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  1. ....So I grew up and finally found out what it's like to truly express such a powerful statement.

    I met this girl out of the ordinary, at a card shop where I play my card hobbies. We share these common interests and many more, including smoking marijuana.

    I was wrong. Love is such a powerful thing. She's currently away for 3 weeks overseas, no way to contact her. and it actually HURTS. I feel alone and I have some sorrow without her.

    Is this true love? All I can think about is making sweet love to her, and kissing her entire body with my soft lips. From the morning until I lay in bed at night, I desire her to be there, to make my stomach and emotions at ease.

    She doesn't care about my acne or my skinny-ness. I don't even know why she loves me to be honest, who could love a skinny nerd with acne? She's beautiful and she had a lot of attractive boyfriends.

    Is this actual love? It just is so amazing to express to you guys... the way it feels for the first time to actually feel this way about someone. It's like if I didn't have her, I wouldn't have a support rope for my life.
  2. Congratulations, it sounds like you have found love. Treat her well and I wish you both the very best in life.
  3. Sweet dude.

    Not much to say since it sounds like you've got shit under control haha
    but yeah, good stuff man. Glad things are going well.
  4. Awesome! It's rare to find someone who appreciates what they have.

    Hopefully she's feeling the same way and you can one day have babies and live happily ever after.
  5. That's cute. I've never been in love, but I do love. I know it's love because I would die for them in a heart beat.
  6. That's great for you man. Treat that woman well.

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