I Fnianly get why creationists hate science

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  1. i keep trying to tell people that science does not disprove god and yet people still try to not only prove inteligent design with science, but then turn around and say only some science is right

    it confused the #%@$^ out of me untill now

    but i just figured it out. science doesnt disprove God, it contradicts some parts of their version of the bible. thus distinguishing which science was created by god, and which was created by Satan to test our faith

    Creationism makes a lot more sence now, its classic tyrany

    knowlege is false if it contends with the power and heratics go to hell

    yup sounds like tyrany
  2. Well if knowledge is the work of the devil and we didn't know that fact, then how do you think a god would feel if his children decided to turn to science to study his beautiful creation? I have a feeling atheists and science followers would be shifted to the front of the line for 'heaven', because they've decided to go out of their way to study Gods work, thus bringing them closer to God.

    Also, what?
  3. No science does not empirically prove nor disprove a god. Science can be used as evidence for one of the other, but cannot factually prove it. It is all within ones own willpower to see the information from one side or the other.

    As in other threads, I've been told countless times how evolution is proof of there being no god. Stephen Hawkings, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, all these major influences on everyday peoples' personal thoughts push the idea that evolution practically disproves an intelligent designer. Many people blindly follow these people and their ideas therefore leading many many people running around claiming that evolution indeed does disprove god.

    It's rather twisted but it is what it is.
  4. religion is confined to a book and never expands our knowledge of the universe... science on the other hand continually increases our awareness of ourselves and isn't bound in ancient books but it grows.:bongin:
  5. Evolution isn't proof there is no god, it's evidence against creationism.
    The thing is though, when you make a claim that there is a god, the burden of proof is on you. Bluntly speaking, there isn't sufficient evidence of a god to make believing in one reasonable. Unanswered questions do not count as evidence for god.

    The fossil record certainly doesn't support intelligent design though.
  6. I don't think any of these people claim that evolution disproves a god, but rather certain doctrines of religion.
  7. so does that mean that Evolution...IS proof there...IS god????

  8. im convinced you dont read anythingn people have to say once your convinced they will be wrong

    but incase im wrong ill tell you one more time

    just because athiests try to disprove god with science doesnt make evolution a lie'

    a true scientist knows science cannot provide "evidence" either

    you still dont understand what science is.

    i drop a rock

    it falls

    i call it gravity


    i dont think i can explain it any more plainly

    evolution is a theory that is exactly that process with obvious inherent uncertanty and no true scientist claims it to be 100% fact

    just because stephen hawking is smart doesnt mean he isnt falable

    believing evolution is a lie just because the bible implies the earth to be a specific age is not a reasonable arguement against evolution,

    also im going to really piss you off now because not only does god not exist but your religion is a bastard child of of the origional true religion

    creationist is a watered down bastard child of protistants, which are watered down batard children of catholosism, which is an abombination of the work of jesus

    the entire thing is one big joke.

    jesus who isnt really the son of god, since god didnt exist, is probly rolling around his grave saying no nonononononononno you idiots you got it all wrong, i was so fucking clear how did this happen

    also this is interesting there is in fact evidence that jesus really existed, just not that he is the son of god
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    Well to be honest with you I'm neither a fundamental young earth creationist nor old earth creationist. I do find what the bible says very interesting but I do not disclaim evolution solely because it contradicts the bible nor live my life according to it.There is documented history of roughly 500 people witnessing the acts of Jesus which I find interesting though showing evidence of the son of god.

    To lay out my beliefs, I believe we are in a reality which was created and designed for the purpose of life. Whatever the designer physically is, I call it god. Possibly god is the energy which makes up all matter. Possibly god is consciousness which is in turn experienced subjectively through each and every individuals own consciousness. I can honestly say I don't truly know what god is, but looking at nature we can find characteristics of 'god' which show signs of great intelligence and sophistication and intricate design.

    There is adaptation in species which widely increase the variety within that species and sub-species that has been scientifically observed, but there is no physical proof showing this process came to shape every single distinct species from one single common ancestor. There is a need for some sort of implementation of information into our reality to have created these organisms from the ground up.
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