I flushed, can i still feed? Using AACT in Coco/Perlite

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  1. Hello everyone, hoping a seasoned vet has some wisdom for me haha.

    The Back Story:
    I was growing using non-organic nuts, FoxFarm Trio and a Hardwater Bloom. I had a pump failure and it bombed my plants with nuts. So I flushed and started using organic AACT only. The plants have LOVED it and have come back from near death. The problem was PH lockout of P & K nutrients.

    Current Day:
    I flushed everything today just to make sure there are NO old non-organic nutrients in it, but I don't think they have enough stored nutrients to deal with not being fed for 2 weeks.

    The plants have only had about 10 days with AACT, with 2 servings. I'm on day 45 of flower and I'm worried that if I stop feeding them now they will die before its time to cut. I've read A LOT of places that say Flushing plants that have been fed AACT from the start is pointless, but what about my scenario?

    Can I feed them once more on week 7 and then just water and Molasses till 48hours before I chop?

    The Lesson Learned:
    Start a grow journal lol.... For my next grow I will.. No excuses this time :hello:
  2. gov took your baby

    i don't have too much seasoning, but i'll reply ay way, glad the AACT has worked out for you... what kind of air pump are you using?

    I think it's mostly pointless to flush out after using AACT, because you're removing the beneficial environment your plants existing in. I think if you like you can flush before harvest, but wouldn't be too neurotic about it (of course cut nitrogen out of the mix if possible though).

    Also in my opinion you should just include the molasses with the AACT, and flush it out with clear water at the end (if you're flushing) because the buds will retain the sweet flavour, it doesn't need to be in your final watering for that)
  3. Ty for ur help. Sorry for the late thanks. Yeah ive learned even with running aact for only 3weeks ZERO flush is needed. The ash burns white and the smoke is smooth.

    I will never grow anything but organics with aact, im truly a believer.

    oh and even the molasses was fine without the flush ;)

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