I finnaly found a home :-)

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  1. hii my name is Peter and i live in New York. i attend NJIT majoring in computer engineering. i just want people to know im not some retard. marijuana gave me hope. it affects people different. some people get a different high then other people depending on their personality. lucky me i get super smart when im high and it even stays with me after the high goes away. ITS A-FUC****- MAZING,. I GOT STONED BEFORE MY SAT AND SCORED A 1840. LIKE WTF I WOULD HAVE NEVER SCORED THAT HIGH SOBER. to me its like ahmmm MSG for the mind.. but without the cancer giving part. just the fact that it increases everything food taste better, images are clearer, music sound better and its healthy. I cant even say the world changing thoughts i have had when i am high(cant have anyone stealing my ideas lol) thus the love for mary jane started and i finally find a home on this web sight
  2. Ha nice man. I smoked before the ACT's junior year in high school and scored a 29 :D. Welcome to GC man
  3. get high, take the test high, get high scores!

    welcome to gc!

  4. exactly what i did ...

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