I FINISHED MY $50 BOAT, and i <3 it.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Horticultural, May 5, 2011.

  1. So i posted weeks ago my ugly yellow boat, and i put some elbow grease into it, im still going to add detail with some paint markers.
    i made a second thread to show before/after.



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  2. for 50 dollars, its not that bad.

    I wouldn't ride with that on a public lake tho; would be scared shitless if a big ass wave came and capsized it haha
  3. damn that looks nice, do you have paddles?
  4. not bad for $50 dollars. However i have to ask


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  5. i edited out my liscence plate numbers
  6. i remember the story man, glad you came back with an outcome, that ended up being a great buy and a great choice of colour.
  7. ya that thing is pretty awesome. For 50 bucks a hell of a value! Id have a hell of a time on that thing. Always wanted to take a boat out and smoke a blunt while cruising the waters..
  8. Wow amazing!
    How did you paint it?
    You ouviously primed it but did you use a spray gun?

    Mr. Duke
  9. Looks pretty sick man, you like fishin? there's a lot of stock dams around where I live, I'd take it out on a calm night, drift around and blaze and catch some hella fish. Who's with me? Haha
  10. i got excited when i saw this thread. i remember the original thread.

    looks fuckin dope bro, i love shit like that.




  12. Last time I checked theres no waves in public lakes...
  13. You must be in Canada, front and back license plates?
  14. Lookin' good man! i love to refurbish stuff.
  15. It's a vortex.
  16. Cali requires them too.

  17. as does wisconsin
  18. If I remember from the last thread, he was in Illinois, but who knows.

    Nice job though, man. I'm glad you came back to post this.
  19. A lot of states in the US require front and back plates.
  20. Nifty kean. Whatchoo gonna do with it?

    Damn,now I want a $50 boat.

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