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I finish quick w/ every new chick

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by mikeKOOLiN, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. I noticed a pattern whenever I bone a new chick for the first time.. I just finish too fucking quick and it's annoying af. Granted after I adjust and I last for how ever long I want but ALWAYS the first time when I have sex w/ a chick not matter what I do, i can't last longer than a min lol. Its sad I know but I just can't help it. 
    Is it because I just get too excited and don't know how to control it? i mean I fap fairly often so lasting shouldn't be an issue for me. And like I said, the second go around, I can last for how ever long I want. Does this happen to anyone else, is it normal? Hell, how do I make a good first impression? lol
    Btw I try to go down on a chick the first time because I know I will finish fast, just to try to even it out. Girls say I'm packing and that I do have a good sex game, it's just that ONE FUCKING TIME that it just kills my self-esteem.  

  2. This was pretty interesting for me to read because I feel like I last wayy too long when I fuck somebody for the first time. Then after the first couple of times I can bust in a more timely manner. Sometimes I can't even bust on my first fuck which can make me look like a stud but sucks for me cause I'm just frustrated ha.

    For me I think it's just having to adjust to new pussy, but for you it might be excitement? I'm not sure but good luck to you OP!

    Wraaaap the night around me, blanket of black on my back, I feel safe in the darkness...
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    Cock ring ;)

    I had a bf who would wear one and I didn't realize for a while. Makes you harder, a little bigger, delays orgasm and when you do, it's better. They come in a three pack of different sizes. Get the rubber ones. You put it on after oral. Keep her busy kissing, mainly keep her focused on something else to distract her while you put it on. I had no idea for about a month lol.

    You could try jerking it before you go out :)

    Also, don't worry about it. She's self conscious as well too. If you like to eat her, you shouldn't worry about cumming too quick the first time. If you rebound quick too, that's impressive.
  4. I've had that problem before, it only happens when im eager to lay them.
  5. What an odd thing to worry about! It doesn't sound like a "problem" at all.
    "Oh my gawd, you are so sexy, oh yes, just like that, I'm going to cum.... aaarrrrgghhhh!!!"
    Sounds pretty hot to me, what woman wouldn't be turned on by that? Then ask her what she wants. :)
  6. Here is a couple of things you can do.  Clean the pipes like in There's Something about Mary

    Have them get the first one out of the way and hit them with the reload.  Most girls understand a guy being nervous the first time.  
  7. haha it's not a rare thing bro, most guys get that with a new chick or a new position, i know i do. [​IMG]
  8. Jerk it before you fuck or just bang multiple times if you're able to.
  9. It's natural, coded in to our DNA.  We are supposed to insert and inseminate/release.   As I'm sure others have said, just beat off once or twice before your encounter.  Why not use your tongue and fingers (toes?) in equal measure, as to not simply go RIGHT IN and thrust away like a friggin robotic chimp.
    Only when you become a man do you truly grasp concepts like anticipation and making love.
    To get off track just slightly....    In the sexual/reproduction department, I always have to give props to homosexual couples for this vital reason:  Population control; there are too many of us as it is!  Not only can two same sex people not reproduce, but in my experience, they quite often ADOPT existing children that the breeders have DISCARDED into a broken 'social service' system!  Pretty fucking heroic, on both counts, in my book. [​IMG]
  10. Bust multiples?!

    In all seriousness, it's the excitement that is getting you. Also, remember that each puss is different in shape, size, and feel.
  11. I know how you feel.... I like it done and dusted in 21 minutes, my buddy is out in 5 minutes lucky him
  12. Lol i wish i could get off that quickly
  13. Bust the first nut love like you do then keep going like nothing happened.

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  14. True..[​IMG] :)
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    Premature ejaculation is often caused by excessive masturbation and/or exhaustion. The next time you watch full-length porn try to make it to the end and repeat this as practice until you've mastered it. This will improve your stamina but a better diet, sleep and fitness regimen will too.
  16. mmmm... the smell of new cars and new pusswah...

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