I find myself at a weird stage of my life...

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  1. Im infatuated with my...."friend"...(technically friends but we mess around)

    Id love to be more than just friends with her, but I feel like she just doesnt want to be tied down...like most girls my age (18, freshman in college).

    I honestly am not intrested in fucking whatever whenever like most guys my age, idk why, im just not. I actually WANT a girlfriend if that makes sense to u simple minded GCers :p

    Its just somethign ive never really had (was stuck in my shell till sr. yr...ya) and i want it so bad...its almost sickening.

    What should I do? I know what im going to do regardless of the replies from random ppl on the internet, imgoing to continue to show intrest and hookup with her and hope she comes around, but if it doesnt work im gonna be feelin REAL shitty and I know this, but the way I see it; the payoff is worth the risk.

    Who else has been in a similar situation and has some advice? Or just advice in general?

    tldr: I like girl, hookup with girl, hangout with girl.

    Girl no good vibes. Girl no want tie down. Girl college girl. Girl want to be free (most likely).

    (...yes, that was caveman talk...if ur too lazy to read the whole thing your brain must be pretty simple anyway..)
  2. Well if you don't want any regrets, go for it. I got my girlfriend just before I went to college but most of the chicks in college are dtf haha. Good vibes :smoke:
  3. Wait so your already hooking up with her and hanging out with her? Just keep doin what your doin she'll wanna be tied down. Girls are clingy
  4. Read the whole thing lol.

    Shit's tough man.
    I'm like you, a hookup is cool whenever it comes up, but I prefer something more rewarding.. problem is a lot of girls this age (I'm 21) aren't looking for that. It's college.

    If it's keeping you up at night, it's worth the risk, bring it up to her.
    If she's down with it (who knows?) -- Win.
    If she's not... on to the next one.

    That's what I've learned these past couple years, in a nutshell of course.

    I wanted this one girl for years, but said fuck it.

    Other fish in the sea.
  5. this is true. BUT, this is one awesome fish....i really would like to mount her...put her on the wall...ok enough sexual innuendo :p. Jokes aside this girls drivin me nuts. Been two days in a two week span and im already losin my mind. I woke up....i wanna say HONESTLY 5 or 6 times last night. All dreams, all bad. Idk man maybe my subconscious is tryin to protect me.
  6. I fought for something I couldn't have for 2 years. Felt like shit. Now I've moved on feel alot better and have a cute Mexican girl that wants my nuts now. So my advice is to move on, she will either see what she's lost with you or blow a bunch of dudes. In my experience tho stop txtin and calling if she continues to start talking to you just say your looking for something serious like a relationship and she may change her mind.
    Lifes to short to stand around and wait for a indecisive female to make up or change her mind.
  7. Honestly man, since this bitch just fucked with my head.

    I say have fun, its college, the whole relationship thing is a Bitch, it can be a wonderful thing, but mainly its a bitch! She'll just end up hurting you, they all do.

    You wanna know what im on right now, im on my big brothers advice no offense to the ladies.

    He told me chicks are here on this planet for one thing, for men to enjoy, something like that.

    Since this chick completely fucked me, i develop no true feelings for girls and i only look for one thing ;), call me a pig, call me a jerk, but i refuse to put myself out there, maybe one day i'll settle down.

    girls are fucking crazy, i'll tell you that, but they're easy to manipulate....haha i feel like this is a bad post but whatever. (that bitch really did me over)

    Just be careful man, whatever you do, oh saw your abs man in the ab's thread.....you should be on the same thinking im on brother, chicks here and there. :smoke:
  8. dude I feel you 100% man. I've fucked a lot of girls but I'm not trying to get it 24/7 like most dudes. It's just not a priority, I really want a real girlfriend but it never seems to happen for me. All the asshats have girlfriends. It's lame.

  9. So true man.
  10. I mean, I hear ya on some of that stuff, but idk man im just not like that. I got an older sister...maybe thats it :p. And about the abs....RIGHT? Shouldnt she be clinging all over me? I thought the ladies like that shit??? :mad::mad::mad:

    truth. truth. and truth.

    *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh*...we all just a buncha lonely heartbroken stonas up in here huh? haha..

  11. Sad stoned stoners haaha

    I think the problem is you're looking for the relationship. Gotta let things happen, not try to dictate it all (which is what you end up doing when you go into things with a different mindset, yours being "I want a relationship").
  12. Well man, I hate to say this, but you will NEVER find a good sustained relationship if you're actively looking for it. Women can sense that desperation in Men, and most of them that are your age are not looking for a relationship either. What you end up with is what you've got.

    And come on you're 18, you're young. Go out and have some FUN. Wait until your 30 to start getting tied down. You have PLENTY of time for relationships.
  13. ^^^ this, couldn't have said it better. don't look for that shit, just let it happen and have fun. i get what you're saying. you want a a relationship, but sometimes shit doesn't work out that way. i was in the same boat as you and i think you just need time to think about the whole situation. so fuck it and do you. have some fun and dont worry about it.
  14. close friends make the best girlfriends, but it also hurts the most when you lose them.

    trust me man... i know from experience. i've never been the same.

  15. lmao

    but yeah man, Id just keep seeing her and try to lean more towards actual datelike activities that include less of the whole banging her part so that she sees that you're interested in her as a person too and its not all about sex.
  16. Man up and talk to her about this shit. Dont waste your life thinking. Just do it. I fell in Love at a early age but it didn't workout. I got over it eventually. Smoke some Herb and talk to her.

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