I finally realized why we are called "blades"

Discussion in 'General' started by wunschshrek, May 25, 2010.

  1. I feel pretty stupid just now realizing why people on here call other members blades... Kind of sad it took me almost 5 years to figure that out...

    Grasscity, blades of grass...Yeah...

    Everyone point and laugh at me.
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    NO! That's not it at all. You couldn't be more wrong.

    We call each other blades because we are all huge fans of Wesley Snipes.
  3. yep, huge snipes fan over here!

    damn, you are soooo far off!
  4. It took me a while too. At first I thought thats what some stoners just called each other because one slang of weed is 'grass'

  5. !!!! i fucking love that movie hahaha!!!!

    took me a second i was like fuck whats the name of his vampire movies.....ohhh haha :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  6. wait... you guys arnt daywalkers?

  7. Don't beat yourself up, it's a tough one to get. :p
  8. Whoa, I had no idea.. my mind has been blown. Also I feel like an idiot.
  9. Haha I can't tell if there's sarcasm in this thread or not but the OP just cleared up something that was really pissing me off.
  10. :eek:

    I thought this up till about 30 seconds ago. I never knew this, just thought it was some shit to say.
  11. I lol'd
  12. This site actually used to be dedicated to one crazy asian man's knife collection, I'm glad it's changed for the better since then.

  13. You Obviously need help, so let me help you out

  14. Thanks for the help man.
  15. Oh thank god. OP had me like :confused:
  16. It used to be Blades and Bladies:D:smoke:
  17. i thought it was because guys have dicks so thats our blade and now im confused??
  18. after reading this i figured it out lol.

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