I finally made it!!1

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. 1000 posts! Woohoo!!

    took me damn long enough. but it was worth it.

    thats 1000 posts noone cared to read ;) hopefully ill bore you with 1000 more!! MWUAHAH!!!

    whered my style go?? you know at my old message board, in a poll, i was voted the funniest poster. hmm... guess i lost my touch, or just quit trying?
  2. Geez...shall I delete your celebration poll that I made in your honor??? Glory hog!

    :D I said congrats in the other thread!
  3. ???

    i was upset cuz everyone got one but me!??

    where is it!@!! delete this one for sure!! and direct me to the other...
  4. good job babe! i will smoke a bowl just for u :)! right now!
  5. nice....1000 is the first milestone.... have fun reachin your next...
  6. Hey Adam Congrats Again :D


    Heres to Another 1000 Keep it Up ;)
  7. congrats adam.

    *doing the 1000 dance*
  8. do dod dododododododod nananana gogoo dodododd nsdjksdjksdjksdfjfk ok ok ok o lalalalalalla ok

    :: loads a bowl ::

    /me runs
  9. if someone actually did a 1000 dance in real life, i wonder what it would look like???

    i assume there would be alot of flailing. maybe some bobs, a kick possibly??
  10. It would involve wiggling
  11. oo we got some claps in there, a little shuffle.

    looks good critter ;)

    does it need two men though? or could one possibly attempt BOTH MOVES!?!? :O

    almost unfathomable. could be dangerous...

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