i finally have bright green rep bar.. haha cool

Discussion in 'General' started by sativa syborg, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. i barely even post, i guess my posts are worthwhile (besides this one)
  2. good now u can give me rep
  3. 'tis a good feeling op
  4. No rep for you.
  5. +[invisible] rep

  6. I wish neg rep still existed.
  7. Welcome, young blade of grass!
  8. Yeah you should be able to get neg rep once you have a full green bar...
  9. People with the 'has left a legacy' status should be able to neg rep
  10. i got 3800 rep points.. how many until you "leave a great legacy"?
  11. *symbolic neg rep*
  12. I have no clue man we have the same status though in other slightly related news.

    'has budded nicely'

  13. people who have left a great legacy have also left something else in grasscity, their souls. wildwill and sirsog alternate, but essentially, what happens is they posses your soul for an eternity for the maximun amount of rep. not judging here just trying to keep people informed

  14. Oh my God

    I've left a great life force
  15. shit.. i better stop bein so damn awesome

  16. thanks for the rep dude, u gave me my 5th bar :hello:
  17. Once you get to the light green bars, how many points add a bar?

    I have 612 rep, and this its my 612th post
  18. That green bar... is actually very amazing.

    It teaches so much about yourself (and others).

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