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I finally Had a Spit Roast !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Smokey_McPott, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. #1 Smokey_McPott, Oct 9, 2008
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    So yeah I went to my friends girlfriends house...she was just moving in...so my buddy and I had to paint her room. While doing this I was introduced to a Bio Major girl who was enrolled at on of our local university. Anyways we talk for abit and get to drinking...and my other friend comes over...LOL...anyways We all go to this kegger..my 2 friends...the one guys girlfriend and also the bio major girl.

    We get to some more drinking and she keeps flirting with my friend who came over later and myself...so him and I have a talk and we agree that we are going to roast this girl, Eiffel tower style (thats high 5ing the other guy while one is plugging the girl and the other is getting domed)..So the night goes on and it's about 3 in the AM and we are taking a cab home....the girl starts complaining how horny she is and my friend and I look at each other and laugh...then my friends girlfriend speaks up from a night of silence and says "why don't you fuck them both." My friend and I look at each other again and just smile and laugh inside our heads this time....

    So we get home shit happens I drop my pants and my buddy is getting is dick sucked and I am fucking the girl from behind I then reach up with my hand doing the high 5 motion and my friend connects with the receiving high 5.......... EIFFEL TOWER COMPLETE !!!!!!!!!

    I know some might say thats nasty..but whatever I am comfortable enough with my sexuality I can see another guy naked and not be offened..no big deal..it was a goal I wanted to complete and I completed it...It's a story to tell for ages to cum :p

    Cheers everyone...beer, tequila and smoke for ALLL !!!!!!
  2. haha gotta love those bitches. Rep!
  3. Haha win.

  4. keep it up man
  5. that deserves a, "Atta boy!" +rep bro
  6. wow....

    that is all i can say.

  7. OH lol +REP

    Just kidding..............
  8. It was one of the coolest things to have happen to me sexually lol and it's jokes...but yeah not gonna forget that one :hello::hello::hello:
  9. Hahaha thats great. Me and my best friend Eiffle Towered some bitch one night a few years ago and we still talk about to this day. I would love to do that again.
  10. This is quite an interesting post. Iwas just reading this earlier when a lady friend approached me. V.A.M! I was embarrased:eek:, I hope she had no idea what I was reading, if she did, she'll probably be shocked as hell, since I come off so innocent(except here, but that's another story.) Anyway best of luck on future 3-Ways!:eek:
  11. I thought there would be some chicken or BBQ involved...I'm disappointed now.

    But getting pussy is always a good thing :hello:

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