I finally did it GC Got with an older women.

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  1. 18 going on 13 (looks) and she was 32. It was at a local club, she ended chatting to me bought me drinks and gave me a bump, yeah you know what I mean.
    Anyway, danced, hooked up, got her number. Was going to fuck but she was out with friends and her kid was asleep at home, ahahahah lost my shit when I heard that. Coming down all I could think about was her and wanting to fuck her. Now thinking about it sober it kind of puts me off. How random and quickly it happened just makes me think how many times shes done it before
    So GC should I smash and run or don't bother.
    I mainly just want to do it for a bucket list thing but most my mates said I should ride the train as long as I possibly can
    What do you think GC?

  2. If it was me, I wouldn't bother and you're only 18. I like my freedom and she has a kid (no offense) and she may get attached. Who knows. Totally up to you if you are down for the possibility of that happening.
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    Why arent you balls deep in that pussy right now?

    Tis not a question, you can do it!

    But don't date
  4. Destroy it.

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    I doubt that she wants to date you. Nothing personal, she's just a 32 year old woman with a child, how could a young lad (?) year old (assuming you're quite young yourself) provide [well] for her and her child? That, and she was out clubbing and bumping it up. Basic detective skills here.
    That being said, since she probably isn't looking for anything [from a young lad such as yourself], I'd say smash it once.
  6. GET IT BOY! Make us proud.
  7. You joking right?
    This is every young mans dream.

    Bro hit that shit no questions ask, hmu if you need a ride.
  8. I am not a man though lol.
  9. Uh if you want to have sex with an older woman, do it. If you won't be able to get it up, don't do it. Know thy peen.
  10. Yeah this thread makes a lot more sense now.
  11. Lol, yea. As I said OP can do whatever he wants.
  12. It's a trap.
  13. Got us all excited for no reason lol.
  14. ????
  15. I thought OP was a dude, a young guy.
    And when a young guy lands an elder women you should be excited for them, it the bro code.
  16. Yea, lol men and the "bro code". Whatever contents ya!
  17. ohh yea, the flirty 30's :D hehe 
  18. Even if you aren't a man... Smash it.
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    hahahaha op saying this like its an accomplishment. Op listen at about 28-30 females realize theyre looks are declining and will only continue too. This age bracket and up are the easiest lays ever. Bag a 22 year old 9/10 hbb then you have something to be proud of.
    nonetheless enjoy the pussy. and yes smash, never turn down an opportunity to smash unless shes dirty or hideous.
  20. Do the deed and you will succeed.

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