I finally did it, a grow journal by a total noob.

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    Strain: Dark Star
    Light: Yield Lab 400w HID MH/HPS with inline 6 and ducting.
    Pot: 10 gallon smart pot
    Soil/fert: Kellogs Organic Plus +
    Water: RO, PH 6.5

    6/24/19 grow room stats:

    Climate: 45% Humidity, 77F, temp range 74-80f
    MH lights: 15" from top of plant.
    Soil: around root system "wet" outer layer away from root system "dry/moist"

    Notes: It is approximately week 5-6 transplanted today from a one gallon smart pot into a 10 gallon smartpot roots had fully developed and occupied most of the soil in the 1 gallon smart pot. After transplant watered lightly the area of root mass, attempting to keep the exterior soil "dry/moist".

    Plans: Will Wait for interior soil to dry up. When interior soil drys will attempt to promote root growth/development by watering exterior soils around main root mass.

    Concerns: The night before transplant dark star took just little "light burn". Since then the leaves have changed in appearance slightly.

    Comments: If you made it this far I thank you for reading my journal and if you have any knowledge or insight I'm all ears. I plan on doing one journal entry a week.

  2. Pics or it didn’t happen
  3. Pics?

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  4. Sorry took me a minute to grab pics, there ya go. If all goes well after I harvest this girl I'm gonna start looking at ways to utilize my space more efficiently.

    Area measures 4 foot 1 inches x 4 foot 10 inches with an extra 2x2 foot in corner and a 2 x 2 foot layered shelf that would be good for clones. Shelf has 4 racks on it.
  5. Just a quick update. I will put a new log in the grow journal either tonight or tomorrow night, but here's two pics I just grabbed this morning. Proud daddy. 20190701_013736.jpg 20190701_015532.jpg
  6. can I suggest you put a fan a few feets away. Keep a small breeze blowing at your plant just enough to have leaves dancing a lil bit. Wind is good to keep plant bushy with strong stem.
  7. Oh it's gotta fan, just can't see it in pic. Solid tip though

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