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I figured out..the perfect bowl..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tokeytime, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. so, im ripped right now off of about 4 fat bowls of some dank, out of my pipe. and i do believe i have conjured the formula for the perfect bowl. you see, i used to grind all my weed, and when i was loadin the bowl up, some would fall through, because the hole is rather large. so now i figured why not grind up a nug at a time..and break off a decent piece off another nug and toss it in.

    Blocks the hole, none falls through, and then sprinkle the grinded over. once you light it, the grinded goes away pretty quickly, and then you got that nug to look forward too, which lasts a good 4-5 hits.

  2. Dude this has been said and done since the dawn of time lol.
  3. .....ahha thats one of the first thigns u should learned when smoking outta a bowl/pipe/bong
  4. What the hell, really? i've never seen anyone do that before, never really thought about it either. damn it, sorry
  5. thats just what you do when you grind your weed, you throw a small nug at the bottom, unless you got a screen.
  6. hahahha its all good. but the best thing is adding some kief to the top. just the perfect touch
  7. Its alright man, everyone knows about it because its such a good idea, but if no one had ever thought of it before, then you'd be the man right now, so just think of it that way.
  8. wow this is not informal at all anyone with common sense already does this:smoking:
  9. Haha, sorry man, but everybody already knows this. And another one bites the dust.
  10. Yea man, build your upside down snowman. Don't forget to spinkle some kief on top.
  11. Goerge man, you made my fucking day. thank you bro. sorry dudes, never heard of this idea before. but, w/e. and yes, kief on top is the sauce
  12. yeah man. or you could just get a screen, and grind all your shit up, so it burns nice and evenly. up to you.
  13. yeah screens work too, but i dont really know why, i dont like smoking with a screen. just something about it..idk
  14. It's a great idea, but thats also why 80% of marijuana smokers have already figured that out.

    that 80% figure is a fact by the way. FACT.
  15. me and SDstoopid420 have been doin that for years dude. lol
  16. Most people with common sense already know that informal means casual. The word your looking for is informative. You need not lash out at him because he had an idea that had also occured to you. He was probably high, which explains alot...

  17. hm no shit sherlock

  18. You sure its 80% for a FACT?

    not 81%?
  19. Hahaha, grats.

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