I figure I'll tell you too...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by benwise, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Most people I meet IRL I tell this to.

    I'm going to 100% CURE CANCER with Marijuana.

    (People usually give me weird looks, a cop told me I'm a dumb pot head, etc etc etc)

    Remember the name, remember the name.

    So, any questions?
  2. How do you plan on going about accomplishing this task?
  3. Marijuana? I thought MDMA cured cancer.
  4. Jebus is the only thing that cures cancer.
  5. I have no idea. I still have a lot to learn. Mark my words. Remember the name.
  6. I admire your confidence but realistically even if you found the cure and tested it yourself, it wouldn't be approved because that would mean hundreds of millions lost in chemo and other medicines. All they care about is money not your health.

  7. They already cured cancer with marijuana......its just not noticed by the media or medical field because it would lose the medical field money if it went mainstream. The hospitals want you sick.....healthy ppl means less money.;)
  8. Also if you haven't already watch run for the cure. I'm pretty sure it's on Youtube.
  9. Cancer already been cured by pot like last blade said. And there's a doctor , can't remember his name, has found a cure for cancer but the FDA won't allow him to use the method and it hasn't been approved but he did private cases for people and it cured all of them. The FDA and Government want people dying in hospitals. Population Control and Money
  10. Have you seen Rick simpons work on cannaoil?
  11. OP u have to film a documentary to have a chance at recognition.

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