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I felt numb/warm pulsing and `left`my body

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FearMe420, Nov 22, 2014.

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    So I smoke every weekend (Since September) and sometimes I feel a pulsing numb warm feeling going through my body (Usually my chest and stomach) and I am always scared I am gonna have a heart attack or something but when I feel my heart with my hand its beating like normal (100% certain of this) even though I feel like in my heart its going like 100bpm and its loud as hell (Which goes away after like 20 mins)
    So today I smoked like 2 bowls of some amazing weed (in the cold) and I felt that numb pulsing feeling going through my hands up to my shoulders and my feet to my hips and my arms and legs felt so numb I thought I was going to die but after we got into warmth around 15 mins later the feeling went away but when I was eating and drinking my tounge and throat felt the food going through it which gave me a weird somewhat numb sensation that made me taste things I have never noticed before which scared me and brought back the numb feeling in my body. Also as soon as I was done smoking I felt like my arms were completely numb and when I stared at them I zoned out and I left my body but as soon as I zoned back in and remembered that was happening because I was high I felt better and the numbness wasn't as bad.
    I am wondering if it is normal to feel like you left your body and if this warm pulsing numb feeling is normal because it scares me and idk if I should quit seshing or not but it only happens when I smoke amazing weed (or eat eatables).

  2. This is an intense body high. just be happy you got some bomb ass weed. also take a shower when your this high. its and amazing experience. This happened to me the first time i smoked weed except i over did it and puked in my friends driveway and ended up sleeping on her trampoline.
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    I would think that the warm numb feelings and feeling like youre having a heart attack are extreme anxiety, which weed can casue...espically if youre not a daily smoker and smoking really strong stuff. The leaving your body feeling your talking about is called dissociation, which can also happen from extreme anxiety. Their actually is an entire class of drugs called dissociatives, which do exactly what you described. I would suggest you tone down the amount your smoking.
  4. you're edgy. relax, your outlook controls the high you have. try to smoke less
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    Maybe you are having an orgasm

  6. Just take a few hits, wait 10 minutes and see how it treats you. You can always smoke more, but you cant take back what you've already smoked.
  7. it sounds pretty normal.  Weed is a potent vasodilator .  When your blood vessels suddenly dilate it can cause a drop in blood pressure, which in return can cause numb feelings, particularly in the extremities.  Its one of the reasons you may black out/faint if you stand up too quickly after blazing up.
    Also one of the side effects of bud can be anxiety and slight paranoia.  This coupled with the numb feelings is just freaking you out.  You're going to be fine and nothing serious is happening when you do toke up.  

  8. Finally a logical explanation
  9. [SUB]I would consider going to church tomorrow and confessing some sins[/SUB]
    [SUB]rid yourself of the evil demon trying to take over... [/SUB]
  10. Sounds like you have some laced weed

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  11.  I highly doubt it, dude.
  12. It was supposed to sound sarcastic.

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    Oh, my bad. haha  Duurrr. Sarcasm is hard on convey through type.
  14. Haha, agreed, I could've done a better job at making it sound like I was conveying sarcasm.

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