I feel terrible on Christmas.

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  1. I just got a new job i've been training at only for two days, and i got today off.(christmas eve)

    I was suppose to go to a family get together today but due to
    drinking, and smoking a little to much last night i woke up
    late and felt terrible. I got a phone call from my dad asking
    where i was and i told him i wasn't feeling good from a hangover,
    and the fact i ate way to much pizza.
    He got really mad, and upset and started screaming
    at me how i need to find my prioritys in life, even
    though were having another family get together tomorrow.
    He said whatever, i dont even wanna talk to you and hung up.
    So tomorrows gonna be a little awkward, not that my whole family is mad at me.

    Im not trying to stress over it but i just got a call from my dealer, hes
    around forty years old. He says he has bad news. I bought an xbox
    from my friend about 1 month ago with 5 games for 100$ because
    my dealer said he wanted it for his kids. I got an oz in return.

    We'll i never plugged it in to see if it works because i took it
    straight to his house, he said he turned it on for a second
    and it looked good so he packaged it up. Well his kid opened
    it today and guess what?
    It has the red ring of death...so his kid as any other was
    a pretty upset boy on Christmas Eve after getting a broken xbox.

    I call my friend up and very nicley explained the situation,
    and asked if i could return the xbox and all the games to him
    so my dealer can go and get his kid a present. We'll it responded
    with him saying Fuck you man, not my fault. "maybe if you were
    a man about it"..shit like that. Even though i called him and
    was totally reasonable about everything.


    Family is super upset and dissapointed i didn't
    show up for X-mas Eve diner, eveh tho were having
    a Christmas dinner tomorrow.

    Bought Xbox from old friend to give to my dealer, so he
    could give it to this kid for christmas. X-box ended up
    having red ring of death when he opened it tonight
    and friend is being a total douche about a re-fund..

    So basically everyones pissed at me now. /Rant

    But Merry Christmas to the rest of you!
  2. i didnt read what you said because im too tired, so i skipped to the end and notices that you said merry xmas.

    so merry xmas to you!
  3. That sucks man
  4. merry christmas man don't worry be happy everything will be ok
  5. if the xbox is still under warranty u can get it fixed for free. takes a few weeks tho, but why buy something then never use it is the question that ponders my mind.
  6. Meh. I don't have much christmas spirit this year. I'm broke so I can't get presents for anyone but what really get me is that my lil sis has made it painfully obvious that me and my dad are at the bottom of her priority list since she is only coming over after she's seen all her friends (who she seems all the time) and her other family (who she seems often). I've seen her 4 times in the last six months because she doesn't ever want to come over. Fucking depressing. I get that having a split family sucks during the holiday I've gone through it my whole life but I always make time for both my families. And I don't ever put my friends first on the holidays. I guess it is too much to ask for one day with her.

  7. Damn, that does suck...maybe she has social anxiety..

    We have family get togethers all the time, and i go to all of them.
    I thought missing one was gonna be okay because i was
    partying for the season! I guess i just felt bad because
    everyones dissapointed in me.

    Thanks everyone, ima keep going, cant wait to get out of the holidays!!! 2013 here we come!
  8. know that feel man, just go tomorrow and be really cool and apologize family always overreacts this time of year but you got a chance to work it out good luck and next time just leave the booze out of it, puff that shit instead
  9. hate to say it, but you should've been on point and just go to the x-mas eve dinner smoked before or something, go to the christmas dinner get it over with and toke it up after, and about the the xbox damn bro shit like that happens alot see if it still has the warranty.

    google, red ring of death shipping, and you can get it fixed for free with 1 month of xbox live.

    ~Merry Christmas~
  10. marry chrimbus man, fuck the haters!!
  11. Last minute ditch effort you can purchase a new xbox for your dealer, watch a two minute youtube video on how to take off the casing and swap the insides to the xbox with a new one. That is if its the last option. If its under warranty simply send it in.
  12. is this real ?
  13. Be happy you have a family to bitch at you.
  14. Fuck Christmas its overrated anyway

    I hate it
  15. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']Fuck Christmas its overrated anyway

    I hate it[/quote]

    You're a grinch man
  16. [quote name='"White Out"']Be happy you have a family to bitch at you.[/quote]

    Dude gets it.
  17. [quote name='"RVD420RVD"']

    You're a grinch man[/quote]

  18. Maybe those family holidays simply aren't 'your' priority but theirs (ie:your dad's). Just saying your dad sounds like he's forcing his priorities on you. It takes time and reflection but 'you' figure out for You what Your priorities are. Once you do that it's 'right' no matter what anyone thinks.
  19. Just got a bag of some OG Mexi, gonna tear it down this Christmas

    Have a good holiday, just dont get drunk and start talking yang yang

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