i feel sorry for all you guys

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    guys after reading your sob stories concerning your girlfriends/fiances..I have to tell you that I have been there and done that little stupid dance..really pisses you off don't it?...I was talking to one tonight and what do you think was the first question out of her mouth?..."do you work"?...I was like WTF?..you just ask me about my income just like that?..so when I told her (in a polite way) that it was none of her business and it was very rude to ask a question like that to someone she just met, she got all fuckin defensive and said I was obviously a loser and had nothing to offer her...when I replied "what? like money"?..she got pissed, told me not to ever bother her again and to never contact her again, I made a smart remark to her, I said"sweetheart, I don't know what kind of a guyyou thought I was but you met a pretty damn smart one here". she said "fuck your poor ass"...LMFAO...and hung up...us guys really have to watch all the bullshit women can throw our way, and tonight fella"s..was another prime, prime example of the fuckery these woman will get up to...

  2. Nothing wrong with a woman who doesn't want a buster..
    but if you're uncomfortable, you have every right to deny
    her any answer you see fit, but that doesn't mean you should
    demonize her just for asking.. some women have been around
    the block just as many times as you have and want to know
    straight up if they're getting into it with a man who has
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    A women who loves you when your down will always love you.
    That's why it makes no sense to obtain shiny shit to impress women. Then you'll never know what she loves you for, you're identity or the wealth and status you possess. 
    A scrub or buster is someone you must measure based on their character alone, without the gold trimmings. When you shed away all the distractions and gimmicks do you still measure up to the woman next to you? Because she'll figure it out eventually.
  4. Asking someone what they do for an occupation is a pretty common question when getting acquainted - male or female. 
    Why didn't you just tell her what you do? 
  5. You're putting the pussy on a pedestal
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    I am confused why you started this thread.
    you start out saying how you feel sorry for peeps and there lady problems then you rebuttal with some random shit of " some chick on the phone".
         what baller way are you meeting girls? sounds like some E harmony shit to me. maybe instead of worrying about everyone else you should focus on you're self. you obviously cant even answer what you do for a living with out getting hostile.
    to me when you say you feel sorry for people, but in fact you just full of delusions of grandeur.
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    I had a severe accident when I was working for the state road dept 5-6 years ago..as a result I fucked my back really bad and my doctor said no more work for me..so I was put on disability..there are fuckin mornings when I wake up that I cant even feel anything from my legs down..basicly I go numb in my lower back legs and feet...quite frankly I don't give a damn if im rich poor or in between I am what I am and if the ladies don't like it they can fuck the hell off..im going to be true to myself and fuck what anyone else thinks of me....that right there is being real......I have had 3 surgeries and out of three...I am still back to square one....my doctor doesn't give me much hope of getting better period..he says its something I will have to learn to live with...so you tell a chick this story and what do you think her first reaction is?..he is a broke bitch....oh well that's their problem not mine....because with women what it comes down to is money plain and simple..you guys can rationalize this post all you want to..but still in the end .....it will be proven to be correct....
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    Sounds like you're still doing "that stupid dance" alongside the rest of the poor busters. Ought you not feel sorry for yourself instead?
    One of the first questions any human being with decent conversational skills will ask somebody is about what they do for a living. She didn't ask for your tax report, chap. Why so defensive? 
  9. Well you've obviously got it all figured out.
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    in my honest opinion a man could be better off being by himself..he can do what he wants, when he wants...and who he wants without ever having to worry about nothing...there was a show on mtv about women this day in age and the guy who was being interviewed was VERY VERY well off...lol..so they asked him what he hated most about women these days and he said" well they tend to be sponges these days"
    they want what they want " and if you cant provide them with what they want..they find another who will"...the guy went on to say that instead of love, women are more interested in the money aspect of relationships and they judge you on what you make"..he said it was all complete bullshit and he despises women who put money before a mans feelings and this is again a man who is very well off..he said that if a woman is going to judge a man by the money he makes..she is not a woman but a leech/parasite...I found the interview to be quite interesting indeed.
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    I laughed and then I sighed.

    The woman only asked what you did for a living and you acted like an asshole. If you had just told her what you told us she may have been understanding, but you fucked that up. You did.

    Not all women are like that. Stop blaming the world, more specifically females, for your problems. I'm sorry to hear about your back, that really sucks dick but you can't mope about hating everyone, you have to get on with your life. It's not easy, but it's better trying to live with it than letting it make you hate life.

    I hope you find what you're looking for. We don't all only care about money, I promise.
  12. I could have married into money but I didn't. I have character. I married for love instead. Money comes and goes but love (hopefully) lasts a lifetime. I agree with the OP on this one. There are way too many shallow females running around nowadays.
  13. Yeah but she didn't ask him what he did for work. She just said do you work. Not the same thing
    • I think these posts are about happiness.  Women, as well as every living thing, are attracted to stability, which ,whether you like it or not, stems from happiness.  The most pronounced interest when first meeting someone is indeed stability, which is a common gauge for men or women to "eyeball" or "get a bigger picture" or someone: a first impression.  The world Almost revolves around money, and I think you want someone that understands the part that doesn't. 
    • it seems like you are judging a book by its cover because THEY judged your book. (at least you think so)  So how to get around that?  Happiness.  Get an understanding that no one has "done it all before" (life), and everyone else has to deal with getting an eyeball picture of who they meet also. 
    • If you approach with an understanding attitude, it  gives ppl a chance for them to "SEE" what you want them to see!!
    • that person probably thought that you were not at ease with yourself or not stable or not "at peace" BeacAuse of your reaction. 
    • You get our what you put in.
    • idk why I have bullet markers xD but as a note, I also am disabled and have had 4 surgeries and more to come.  I've never been happier in my life :)  If u can handle the shit hand ur dealt AAND achieve happiness in spite of that?! PEople wILL APPreciate that!  I wish u all the best - and idk what meds u take but I quit taking the vics and percs and my mood changed and I have a longer temper- much!
    • THATS REAL, I know u like to be realistic.   any thoughts? :D wish you the best.
  14. since you are a thinker, think faster past those cynical remarks us "in pain" people wanna say, and say a joke!!!   Work? whats that? /laugh
    and so one.  Happiness is where its at! and I promise if you achieve happiness, money is just some think u gotta deal with and it just falls together.
  15. "Stupid dance", how ironic.

    That awkward moment you realize you serve the same purpose as a bee who gathers honey for the queen.
  16. Whatever happened to finding someone based on their character and building something together?

    Both people with their backs against each other ready to take on the world.

    Money shouldn't be a deal breaker. A person's value doesn't come from material wealth and status.

    Your interest, beliefs, dreams, personal integrity, morals all matter more than employment status.

    Let's reverse the roles. If a woman had solid interest, beliefs, dreams, integrity, and morals would it matter it she were currently employed?
  17. Depends if we are talking about a person you have been with for a while or someone you just met
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    Wrong thread
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