i feel so hyper

Discussion in 'General' started by SourDieselChick, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. i'm so fucking hyper right now. i think i'm manic and im worried, its not how i usually am. i just want to ramble on and on and not shut up. and thats what happens when im manic. ugh,

    but yeah.

    that car i was supposed to get from my dad....the battery is dead lol. and he has to get the windsheild fixed. i'm going to have it checked by a mechanic.
  2. right on..

    I am just the opposite right now.

    Good idea about the mechanic.
  3. Wait are you high?
  4. word, im syrup'd up, smokin on the green and sippin codeine
    know what i mean?
    the only time im hyped up is on some coke or amphetamine.
  5. no. i'm not high on ANYTHING
  6. just ramble....well listen...or actually ill listen i dont know about the rest of these blades...
  7. hyper is one term that pisses me off alot... especially when 7th grade girls say it.

    "omg im like so hyper right now!"
  8. although im not saying you're a 7th grade girl.

  9. lmao..i can hear my daughter saying that when she was that age lol
    +rep..that cracked me up

    anyway, sdc, ramble on
  10. haha seriously, thats so true
    only girls get "hyper"

  11. you got drank and youre on the computer?!
  12. people are here to listen but youre not rambling....RAMBLE DAMNIT!!!!!!
  13. she must have found something to do lol
  14. yeah, i think this is a place you can ramble...might be wrong
    wish i had some syrup
    but i been high for the last couple months, im cool:)
  15. hal yea 1 love, i been sippin on the texas tea all day, got the day off and aint doing shit but gettin throwed.
    am i not allowed to be on the computer? i dont get what ya trying to say? should i be out in a candy colored car bumpin paul wall or something?
  16. of course. haha.

    nah man i feel you i always chill on the computer when clutsed.
  17. hey whatever is happening in your life

    it'll blow ova

    just wait and see

  18. i thought that was mandatory?

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