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I Feel So Guilty

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Vortexx, May 14, 2010.

  1. So at my high school there are people that go around with boxes of chocolate bars and sell them for crazy expensive prices to raise money for some trip that the music band goes on or some shit.
    Anywaye i see this young kid and he has one of those boxes. He is just in the library on the computer with the box on top of his backpack. I have no clue what was going through my head but i began formulating ideas about stealing one of those boxes.
    the idea just came over me to try and take it. so i went behind him and slid the box off the backpack...he didnt notice. So i slid it all the way off and slid it about 10 feet back from him....he still didn't notice. So finally i decide to just take the fucking thing cause class got out.
    I ran off with the goddamn thing and right before i got to my car i started feeling insanely guilty about it. just aweful. so i panicked and put it in the bushes. i got over to my car and hung out with a few friends and told em about it. they decided to go grab the box. and so a bunch of people ate the chocolate bars. i didnt cause i felt so bad about it.
    Okay, so its like 5 hours later and i just feel fucking aweful about the whole thing. It was some young freshman kid i stole from and Those chocolates are supposed to sell for 2 fucking dollars a piece! Although he probably wont pay the amount they sell for. he will pay what they cost to buy in a box.
    GC, give me you're opinion, i feel like an asshole.

    By the way, i have never stolen anything before, ever.
  2. Naturally people have the overwhelming urge to act greedy, even when the things we're pursuing are not needed. That's one of the reasons why our society is so fucked. If you really feel this bad about it, why not just admit to it and pay the kid yourself?

    I'm a strong believer in karma, and there's only one way to make it right. It's your decision.
  3. is the chocolate all gone?

    Just kidding. He is going to have to pay for those out of pocket though, which sucks.

    Go smoke a bowl, you'll feel better.
  5. poor kid. He was just chillin but YOU had to come by. You should feel guilty.
  6. Yeah, i smoked. I actually felt even worse because it made me think more about it.

    I would admit and pay him back for it if only i knew how much they cost. Also i might not have the money. although i probably do.

    Man human nature sucks. I have never agreed with stealing before, so i really don't know why i did this.
  7. So ASK somebody how much they freakin' cost!:eek:

    Karma is completely in your hands Brother Blade:confused:

    Make the right choice, NOT the easy one.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure you know or have a class with someone in band.
  9. Go up to him, ask how much a box is, then tell him what happened and pay up. You'll feel a lot better.
  10. yeah, im going to ask someone.
    Thanks all for helping me make the moral choice.
  11. Post an update in this thread when you do the right thing. It'll make me feel fuzzy inside, or maybe that's just the weed.
  12. Dont do the "right thing" forget about it and go on with your life
  13. There are tons of douchebags in this world man, It makes me feel good that people like you make things right when they've done a wrong.

    Keep on tokin' and +rep. :)
  14. Pay him for the chocolates.
  15. We all make mistakes. Not everyone takes responsibility for the mistakes though, so major props to you. I agree with Fundamental. :)
  16. Karma Karma have a chance to right the wrong, or start building up some negative vibes headed your way....(shudders). I hate negative karma, but I know you'll end up doing the right thing.
  17. do what you gotta do but honestly i dont see why youre trippin so hard all you did was steal some goddamn candy..i could understand if you felt guilty of stealing an iphone or something but some chocolate? lol
  18. dude there is a thread on grasscity about a kid bitching about how he got his chocolates stolen, and he needs them for a band trip.HHAahahaha. What the fuck man? look for that thread it is like 8 or 9 threads above this one.
  19. Yea I personally wouldn't do that, but I don't see it as that big of a deal. Just don't do it again that's all.

    Remember stealing from big corporations= Cool
    Stealing from small shops = Not Cool
    Stealing from people= Dick

  20. No, stealing from big corporations ain't cool either. Man up and pay for your shit like everybody else.

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