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I Feel So Good Right Now! :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by traviekush, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hey my GC family i just feel so good right now because i have not smoked in a month so yes im really baked. My bro (Basically my brother been knowing him since the 1stgrade) just came over my house with one of our female friends and he rolled 3 blunts of some dank.

    We smoked in my room i cant smoke in my house but my parents wasnt there, so my bro grandpa just died but he didnt want to talk about it and while we were blazing i just felt so good the best i felt in a while also i couldnt smoke for a month because im on zoloft.

    Like im just thinking to my self right now and i just love my life and life itself. i really wish it was world peace and not any hate i really believe The Holy Herb could change the world:)

    Peace & Pot:)
  2. Lol you're high
  3. Why does zoloft stop you from smoking the all-natural herb?
  4. I envy that feeling
  5. it dont my Psychiatrist just had said if i wanted his help to stop smoking weed but fuck him i dont need those damn pills. WEED IS ALL I NEED IN DEED!

  6. Lol, what a dick! Find another psychiatrist! Or yeah just stick to the sweet herrrb.
  7. If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place.
  8. haha I know the feeling man, Stay high and happy :) :smoke:
  9. Thanks Man
  10. I'm baked as well, but you're on a whole different level OP. I have smoked every night for awhile now, but you took a month break. I bet you feel awesome :smoke: :D
  11. mary jane is the best psychiatrist in the world, and she isn't too expensive either :smoke:

  12. Much more effective than a psychiatrist, And you can get loads of it for the price of 1 visit to a psychiatrist (I believe). :D :smoke: :hello:
  13. I agree man, the herb teaches you things about yourself that a psychiatrist cant. Stay highhhh :smoke:

  14. How to tell you're high, #128
    You have to explain to everyone why you call your friend your bro.

    Lol, just thought that was funny. Sounds like a good time man, I need to consider a t-break
  15. Ewww blunts? I'm out

  16. lol, blunts turn you off so bad that the mere passing mention of them in the begining of his post makes you wanna disregard the rest of his post, which was unrelated to blunts? :confused_2: Seems kinda silly.
  17. why do you go to the psychiatrist man....i thought weed IS the psychiatrist. least it is for me.


    enjoy it!

  18. I'll gladly take your place. :smoke:

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