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i feel so damn stupid...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by i enjoy weed, May 9, 2011.

  1. Well i went to go buy 1 gram and my brother said get me one and hands me a twenty.. well this stuff is good and all that so i paid a little more than usual (25$) but my dad gave me a 20 for 'food' the other day and i have 30 in my wallet and my brother so i have 20 from my brother and 50 of my own and the dealer says give me fifty and i think i gave him all my money ... if you can understand that/ if that makes sense... then yea.. im so fucking stupid :'(

    has anyone else made a stupid mistake like this?

  2. cool story bro[​IMG]

    and no i can safely say iv never made a mistake like that
  3. Never pay more than $20 a gram, $20 is still alot but we all have to do it sometimes.

    I dont get the cool story bro?
    I mean op may have made an apprentice mistake, but that doesn't answer his question very well.
  4. Ask the dealer ...? Is he a nice guy?
    I doubt that will work but yea the mistakes been made, don't do it again, now its time to move on and enjoy that bud with ur bro.

  5. yea paying that much is really unusual.. :/
  6. dont worry people its all good because im getting some bud from a guy at school for some dip haha oh people addicted to nicotine...

    -which i sell to a stupid kid for 35 dollars.. because.. i need to teach them life lessons about buying pot?
  7. i use to have a friend who use to do that, one of those same stupid kids narced on him. Now he's in jail, have fun going down that road.
  8. when i moved back east i was just dumbfounded how weed is sold here. 3.7g for a 45$ eight roughly out west. 20 for a gram on the east and most people dont sell 8ths so theyll sell you 3 grams for 60. wtf.
    and if people do sell 8ths its 65. ok.
  9. looks like youl be eating ramen and pb/j for a while.
    i recomend cuting up apples and spreading peanut butter on them. mmmmmm
  10. Paying $50 for two grams is a mistake.
  11. There's times where I lost money and thought that happened, but I always found it later/figured out what actually happened, sucks though bro.
  12. I don't think anyone is going to argue with you here, that was pretty damn stupid.
  13. Sounds like you made a pretty stupid mistake on your part, no?
  14. Haha, no.

    I ALWAYS count my money right before I hand it to anyone, specially a dealer..
  15. Call dealer and ask?
  16. $25 bucks a gram you are stupid. In a non offensive way stick to Grasscity and Learn about the bud might save your ass...You said you sold a kid a gram for $35 you got ripped for $25 KARMA.
  17. rookie mistake. dont let it happened again. you'll get more money in your life

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