I feel so alone....

Discussion in 'General' started by GimmieMore, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. so alone.

    Sitting here by myself. crying my eyes out wishing i could just crawl into bed and go to sleep for the rest of my life.

    my father calls me and yells at me. like always.
    hes mad because i'm depressed. thanks dad that made me feel alot better huh?

    i just wanna smash somethinhg. destrpy something.

    hurt something


    I wanna get fucked up on all the drugs i can find... and just drift off into nothing.


    it doesn't help.

    just makes me feel weak. pathetic.

    fcucked up like alwyas.

    i wanna evaporate myself.
    into nothing.

    i woder if the blood will fuck up my keyboard

    sleping pills here i come

    blissfull sleepp
    blisful nothingness
    here icome
  2. Try and take it easy, my friend. :(

    I know it's not quite the same... but there ARE people here, even if it's people over the internet, on a virtual forum, it's people nonetheless to express yourself to. To get input from, to confide in.

    We're a family here... and we hate to see our brothers and sisters in despair.

    I'm terribly sorry you feel so alone. :( I would just try to surround yourself with as many positive things as you can at the moment. The night is darkest right before the dawn...
  3. ther is nothing
  4. id suggest some xanax and a doob, or 3
    then order a pizza or something and just relax and chill, throw on some tunes, enjoy this nice sunday
  5. Be very careful, nothing is worth all the pain and suffering. Please don't take too many drugs or cut yourself or anything harmful to yourself. You can get through this.

    If you need any help or anyone to talk to PM me.
  6. Hey just go to sleep. Don't take any pills or anything just go lay down.

    And don't answer when your dad calls if he makes you that upset
  7. Indeed. Find yourself a bowl or a nice drink and put on your favorite movie or go for a walk to try and clear your head. Feeling alone is probably my worst feeling because thats how I felt for a lot of my childhood. Things will get better mang, especially if you feel at your worst. Also get googling on anything you are interested in near your area, sports clubs, hobbies, anything where people congregate with similar interests. YOU have the most control over your loneliness, get out there!
  8. Why you feelin this way?
    Are you focusing on too many negative aspects of your existence, perhaps?
    What makes you happy? Try to partake in those things. You can make your own happiness, you don't need to have others for that.
    Get out of yourself, if that's what's gettin you down. The more you internalise things, the more you shut off from possibility. In this case, step outside, maybe literally, and notice the things around you, notice the colours of things, smells, sounds, etc. The world is not black and white, thank-goodness. There are things to enjoy. You are part of the world.
  9. Things will get better, if you need to talk or anything I'm game.
  10. i used to feel that way when i was younger, everyone does.

    one day you will wonder why you ever did.
  11. I dont know what to say except hang in there and i am here if you need to talk
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    elaborate please.

    and to gimmiemore, i completely agree with everything you say, sadly i have no advice.
  13. Don't get too used to a good thing. It just makes the hard times harder.

    That is the best piece of advice I have ever gotten.
  14. Well guys i took a wlk instead of sleeping pills.....

    i don't feel better..

    i bought cigs and candy...
    maybe my blood sugar is too low.

    i'll eat the candy, and hope i feel better....

    i oubt it though. nothing else works. why should this?
  15. That's a sad way to look at things which make you happy...knowing they will come to an end in due time that is. I used to think of myself as an optimistic person, but lately pessimism just seems so much more realistic.
  16. I know exactly how you feel.. Believe it or not.. For the past few days I have felt exactly how you feel.. Just feeling, empty, lonely, sad.. Finding myself missing the past and ''the good ole' days''. Try not to think too much of the present, try to focus on something in the near future you're looking forward to.. and remember, after every dark night there's a bright day.
  17. looking forward to?

    uhh... eviction?

    moving back in with my parents?

    thats all i can think of for right now
  18. ive hit a few of thoughs ruts before they suck yeah but why not go find something Funny on the computer like family guy reruns or something .
  19. family guy eh?

    not a bad idea.

    maybe drawn together

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