I feel like we need a Vendetta

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  1. Im smoking this beautiful Sunday morning jamming out and watching the news on mute, and I see protestors sitting down getting maced in the faced . Completely uncalled for, it enraged me . I wish someone would violently make shit how it should be, if theres a perfect government .
    idk, shits just getting crazy it seems like
  2. Pretty fucked up

    So a cop can lawfully spray me while I'm just walking down the street or what? If it can be used on subjects that do not resist....that just seems wrong to me
  3. There is no perfect government. It will always strive for more. It's up to the people to keep it in check and not allow for them to trick them into overstepping their bounds.

    If you could agree to restore the Constitution, which means to get rid of the safety net and all federal regulations, we could get something going here.
  4. Let the cops show their ass, it just makes people see what's happening when we give them too much power. It's great that the protesters kept their cool and didn't let the cops provoke them into violence....
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uEFUNri5Is]Man Draws V For Vendetta Then Shoots At School Board Panel - YouTube[/ame]
    So did this guy apparently
  6. Interesting times we live in...

    Atleast back in the 60's all the police did was beat you. These guys have some balls and principles.
  7. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    -- John F. Kennedy

  8. I'm with you man. Its only a matter of time though. Governments are getting stricter and more corrupt, its bound to happen whether you want it too or not. I just hope I live long enough to see it. The U.S. ( assuming thats were you're from cause of the video) needs some sort of motion on the homefront. :smoke:
  9. Let's start a revolution. We should all plant our bagseeds in a public place so when summer rolls around marijuana plants will grow like wildfire
  10. i thought we had the right to peacefully protest....

    guess i was wrong:confused::confused::confused:

  11. theres a movement on youtube on a lot of marijuana videos about planting wild seeds to make it naturally occurring in the US

  12. when i germinated a good...oh, 20 seeds for my first grow project, i only used 10, took the remaining ten and dropped them in ditches on my way to work. although it is almost winter now. ill be sure to do it again in the spring :smoke:

    would be nice to have something to look at every morning on my way to work haha
  13. I don't get seeds in my weed ;)
  14. neither do i, i just got a bunch from a buddy haha

  15. haha a modern day Johnny Appleseed.

  16. sweeet, that's what I'm talking about. Just plant seeds to the point where they grow uncontrollably. Viva la marijuana! :hello:
  17. They deserved it

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