I feel like the world is swallowing me.

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  1. Well, that's it in a nutshell.

    This might be a long post, I won't know until I begin the journey to write it, but ye are warned. (And thank you to those that take the time to read)

    So... In a visual perspective, imagine a yourself in a deep under wood of sorts. You're clutching the knees of your folded legs and the trees above outstretch sinister hand branches, surrounding and enclosing upon you.

    There is nowhere to run, they are everywhere...and you know that if you just break the glass that gives power to whatever is paralyzing you, if you just force yourself out of the fetal position enough to stand up and face your fears...you can get through this. There is sun in the future.

    I feel all of this, and yet I am still within the state of paralyzing fear.

    Let us just say, that I have endured some sequence of events that have simply worn me down to the very core and I just feel so vulnerable because of it. I am in the middle of mending myself and building up the layers that will soon protect my core. (Hoping this is making sense...)

    I feel I am getting ready to brace my current obstacles head on, with all of the strength I have.
    Key word: getting.

    I have been pondering my state of mind and emotion and in analyzing this I have found I am *very* insecure at the moment. I am frightened, so very frightened.

    I acknowledge that if I just keep trying with everything I have, tomorrow is another day and hard work will reap long term benefits. The future is bright but the present is foggy, thunderous, and gnawing on my bones.

    I was just wondering if anyone who has ever felt this way, might be willing to share their stories, however long, and however short...I would sincerely appreciate other outlooks and perspectives.

    Thank you for reading/sharing, and of course... peace. :smoke:
  2. best make like the world and swallow it first..
  3. i been there my dude, everybody at some point does. the world is a beautiful and relentless unmerciful place that constantly tests us day to day. What you have to discover is the confidence that u have the ability to have and EMBRACE THAT SHIT. dont let anybody tell you what the fucks what, stand strong in your beliefs and be proud of who you are because everybody wants to be right and you dont have to sit there and feel wrong all the time.

    forget about your past and your future for a minute here, forget about your career your goals and strip life down to the basics. you live and you die on this earth, the time you spend on it should be happy. the present is just that, a present. everyday is a gift bro. its the little things like chillin on that couch hitting that bowl and relaxing when you truly realize what life's all about.

    Fuck the bullshit my man, explore yourself and find out who you are and be proud of it. you will be happier for it and people will respect you more for it.

    this next bowl is for you:bongin:
  4. ^^ Exactly what he said

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