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  1. So today, my friend found out his grandpa isn't doing well and only has a few weeks left to live, and my friend is moving to Whistler to work so he probably wont get to see him again after today.

    This all reminded me of how when my grandpa died, which was on June 28th this year (my birthday), I never went to go see him in the hospital before he died. The last time I saw him was probably a month or two before he died. I thought it was a good idea to not go in and see him because he was doing pretty bad and I didn't want that image to be what I remembered him like. But, thinking back, I really wish I did go in and say goodbye one last time. It's really getting to me. Just needed to come let this out somewhere.
  2. This song always makes me feel better in those situations. Stay good my friend, life keeps rollin'!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBfgQvM7wtE]of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] - YouTube[/ame]
  3. That was so creepy Toxy
  4. Yeah dude, my grandpa was in the hospital for awhile before he died. He was a great person and a great man, but toward the end he started losing it and being belligerent all the time. Of course, it was because he was 86 years old and in a lot of pain, so his outlook on life was pretty bleak, but still I didn't want to go see him anymore.

    I remember the day he died, August 1st 2003, he had caught pneumonia in the nursing home and was doing badly in the hospital. My mom went to go see him without me or my sisters and when she came home she simply said "he passed away" and that was that. We were sad, but there was also relief that we didn't have to deal with it anymore. Looking back, I wish I had appreciated those times when we would go to see him, but I always figured that he would die later and right now we're busy. Life is short, cherish the moments, etc etc.

    I guess what I'm saying is I know how you feel. I hope your grandpa wasn't demented and belligerent at the end. When old people get like that it's hard to imagine that they used to be great hardworking people. I would give anything to spend one more day with all my dead relatives and friends, but life goes on and theres no such thing as magic. :(

    Don't feel like shit though, at least you don't have those memories of him lying there with tubes coming out of him and whatnot. Keep those memories fresh and he'll never really be gone.
  5. My grandma has been dying for the past year. Shes getting really bad, but im glad that ive kept visiting her. she doesnt really understand me anymore, but deep down, i know theres a part of her who knows im her grandson, and that i love her.

    Im sorry about your loss dude, i miss my grandpa too. Find something of his and keep it around foe sentimental values. it helps.

    next bong rips for you and both our grandpas. :smoke:
  6. But it makes you feel better. See, creepy things distract others from there other problems and look at the problem which is present, which in this case in that awesome lovely music video. Asshole.

    Wow, that was a little bit bipolar. Still.
  7. I thought it was brilliant. :p

    If you think that's creepy, listen to "Monkey Trick" by The Jesus Lizard. I would play that shit outside my house on Halloween, among other things.

  8. Me, too! I liked the song.

    Thanks for the replies, guys, I appreciate it.

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