I Feel Like Its The Simple Things I Enjoy The Most

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  1. i tend to enjoy the simplest things the most when im stoned, every once a week i go to a local starbucks and smoke a bowl in my car  before going in, after going in, i grab a coffee and sit on their outside patio tables, and pretty much just enjoy my coffee and high, ill just sit there and think about life, come up with poems, quotes, enjoy the night, smoke a cigarette along with my coffee, i watch people pass by i stay there for hours and just let my mind wander around, a real spiritual, and human experience. any of you do the same? or similar?

  2. Decent. I have this lake by my house where im completely hidden from people but not from the beautiful scenary I usually smoke a joint, drink my coffee and just think about life and enjoy nature.

  3. I've got a job that takes me all over dfw, and I love people watching/meeting at starbucks.
  4. I would like to be able to do that. But I live in L.A. I would start pervin on the skanks and hatin on a lot of people. I would have to get really really high not to give a fuck.
  5. People watching in LA is a trip. Especially when you dont buy into the culture.
    Absolutely my friend. Just things like simple aspects of human interaction blow my mind and i'm just a happy guy who enjoys meeting new people in new ways. Life is about those little things and its good to find as many of them as possible.
  7. I love to wake n bake while my coffee brews. Pour a fat cup and go out onto the porch, have a cigarette and just enjoy the moment, the breeze, the sunrise, the view, all of it even the smells and tastes.
  8. Hahaha that's pretty funny I'm from san Diego but i visit L.A. alot though and i know what you mean.
  9. There is nothing simple about a vagina
  10. Actually thier pretty much like an engine that changes its own oil lol

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    Its.only a pity that the management system is so tempermental :p

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