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I feel like inhaling more air would get you higher.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by omg nipz, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. I heard here, on Grasscity that holding in your smoke does nothing extra but harms your lungs. I totally agree with that but if you take a hit and then inhale as much air as you can, would that increase the high somehow?

    I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't, just something I thought about while smoking here.

    Ps. Sorry for any spelling errors, my phone has sone weird autocorrect. :smoke:
  2. I figure this wouldn't really apply to bong smokers though.
  3. No.

    Air doesn't get you high.

    The more dense the smoke, the easier your lung xan grab particles.
  4. I think it does. If you suck in a lot of air with the smoke it cools it down and makes it smoother. And you're right, you don't need to hold it in your lungs - just inhale it and release it slowly.
  5. Good info!
  6. one of my friends told me that if u inhale more air u get higher because u r in effect pushing the smoke into the "cleaner part of ur lungs" or so he said lol.. im not sure if this is true
  7. I think you're right actually. People tell me to do this. Instead of holding your breath, keep inhaling after you take your hit. The smoke and air fill your lungs more and allow the smoke to absorb fully. I think that's how it must work anyhow.
  8. Whenever I hit a blunt I always take all the smoke in I can and then inhale quick and hard to get the smoke as deep into my lungs as I can. It gets me insanely fucking high..but that's just a personal anecdote. No science I know of.
  9. no air doesn't have THC thus it wont get you higher to get high. to get higher try cornering your bowls and not torching the whole thing.
  10. It just gets the smoke deeper in your lungs. Whether or not that gets you higher, I don't know, but I like to think it does and so I do.

  11. Really... these stories I heard... When I started smoking, people use to tell me all kind of stupid tricks. '' Hold it in, your lungs need time to absorb ''... '' Count to 3 and exhale '' ... All that jazz... Smoking weed really is as simple as breathing. You take it in, and you let it out afterwards. You don't need to keep you inhales of oxygen in to breathe better. You don't need to take full maxed breaths either to breathe better. Do it confortably and normally so you can actually enjoy smoking :)

    Just my little 2 cents on the subject.

  12. Yes and No. The extra air won't get you higher, and you're not really getting smoke to the "cleaner" part of your lungs.

    However, I've seen some people (usually new to smoking) take a hit and they're concentrating so much on not coughing and holding it that they don't fully inhale. Like half of the smoke is still in their mouth and throat.

    Maybe that's how the advice started about inhaling more air after.

  13. It does; well, to an extent.
    The lower passageways deeper in your lungs absorb chemicals far better than the upper, wider passages. So, chances are, if you inhale more air to get the smoke deeper, then you'll get higher.
  14. It just forces whatever remains in the mouth into the lungs
  15. Not a matter of whether air has THC in it or not. Of course it fucking doesn't. You aren't breathing in more air to try and get high, you are pushing the smoke down further into your lungs, so essentially yeah it does get you higher. I used to hold it in, but it makes no difference. I much prefer to take in more air once the cone is pulled.
  16. I've always thought that if you put your hands on the top of your head while inhaling it will get you higher

    I thought about this after high school basketball, we were doing sprints and a lot of people would put their hands on their knees when they started to get tired and needed to breathe

    The assistant coach said you can get air deeper into your lungs if you keep good posture and put your hands on top of your head, which will "stretch" your lungs
  17. oxygen effects your brain so it has everything to do with your high. Increasing the amount of oxygen in your body will allow you to have a better high.

  18. I've heard this too...We would always put our arms over our head to catch our breath.
  19. when you inhale deeply and fully inflate your lungs, you increase the surface area of your lungs, thus the smoke may condense faster.
    Ive wondered about something else... when you hold in the smoke, does the yucky tar condense faster or slower than the resin vapor? there may just be a sweet spot in inhale duration to get a lot of cannabinoids, but little tar :rolleyes:
  20. I tried this recently, inhaling deeply and in rhythm after taking a smoke. It really does get you much higher. I've done deep breathing while I've been high but never really right after taking a hit, with the intention of getting more smoke in my lungs. I've always just taken deep hits and tried to hold it in.

    Everyone should try it.

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