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I feel like I'm starting to smoke too much?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HerbIsFuckinRad, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I'm a senior in high school and I've only been smoking for half a year. At first I smoked only once a month, then once a week, 3x a week and just recently I've started smoking every single day. I wake up and occasionally smoke before work/school, and I always smoke a bowl or two on my way home from work/school. I usually smoke one more time late at night before bed. So really I smoke anywhere from 1-2 and sometimes three times a day. I'm just one of those people who feel everything is better and more fun when I'm high. My dilemma here is that I'm getting too dependent on weed and I'm tired of spending so much money on it. Things are getting too risky and I feel like I should go back to smoking 3 times a week maximum. I also feel like its a periodic thing, and that I'm just getting tired of smoking now since I'm so used to it and my tolerance has quadrupled. I was thinking I should only smoke after a long day of work, as a reward - but NOT for after school -What are your thoughts? Have you dealt with this before?
  2. youre a senior in high school, live it up
  3. Sounds like you need a tolerance break.
  4. I used to smoke all day every day. Now I smoke when I can, because other things come first, and I don't learn as well when I'm high; not for things like work, anyway. Give me a political or philosophical work while I'm stoned and I'll pick it apart and tell you my opinion of it, and never forget it. But looking at new forms with tons of data about sales and operational goals and associate data, all of which I don't care about past getting a paycheck, and it's a whole other story. That's where coffee comes into play, not weed :laughing:

    I guess my point is, assess it for yourself. You can't ask others how much you should smoke. Determine it yourself. If you're really unsure, trial and error. Just don't be afraid.. be reasonable.
  5. You're fine. Toke it up all day everday
  6. I was the same as a senior, burned every day at least once a day. exhibit self control and you'll feel better, but dont be afraid to let loose and you'll see it's all in your mind. keep a balance
  7. Does anyone else on this forum smoke 1+ grams a day and not feel bad and still get everything done that needs to be done?

    I just don't understand how that little of smoking can be detrimental in any way.
  8. A smaller tolerance, and being affected differently.
  9. I usually smoke around 2 grams a day if not more and I still get all my shit done. It doesn't adversely affect me in any way.
  10. I buy a quad a month. Smoke probably 2-3 times on a regular day. Try to make it last till the end of the month. I'm kinda starting to feel like I'm smoking too much weed. I kinda cut back, I can't seem to (not that I've really tried) go a day without it. I'm waiting for that day when it just doesn't cross my mind. I'm most definitely mentally addicted to smoking weed. The first time I smoked weed was freshmen year college. It was with my best friend whom I was staying with at the time. That day fourth I consistently smoked weed with him while I was in school. I'm thinking 6-7 on a regular day 9-10 on a night we partied. I came home after school and could't pass a drug test to get the job I wanted for. I quit for a year and worked. Got in a comfy spot and so I started smoking again. With the intent to smoke occasionally.

    LONG STORY SHORT : 1-3 times a day, I'm waiting for that day I forget to smoke ya know?
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    Only you know if you're smoking too much, because the ammount that's too much is different for everyone. It depends on tolerance, how weed affects you, what kinds of stuff you have to get done and how much you need to do, what you can afford to spend on weed. All kinds of things. Some people can be baked all the time, and do fine at their job without any problems. Some people are teachers, and would get fired. One student can be high while studying and be fine, benefiting for how the work is more interesting when high, while another will constantly get distracted or forget everything he studied. Weed prices and budgets vary.

    If you honestly think you're smoking too much and it's getting in your way, then cut back or have a T-break. If you're pretty sure you're fine, then you're probably fine.

  12. what he said ull have plenty of times to smoke after work when u get a lil older like me im 23. trust me dude live it up while u still can:smoking::hello:
  13. some people smoke everyday for years without a problem. you cannot have a high tolerance like you think with the amount you smoke. personally, i hate taking a couple of bowls, i think its a waist. I will always smoke a gram or 2 for a session - maybe more if im happy. and when you do something like that 3 times a day, then you'll start to notice a nice tolerance. But your a fuckin senior in high school. live it up man, you live for free at your parents house, go to school for free without the fear of those gay ass loans and debt. most of all free home cooked meals from your parents. Live it up man
  14. Honestly, I'd try to enjoy your young days. Smoke as much as you feel like smoking. On long/stressful days, light up. On days that you feel you shouldn't smoke, or don't need to smoke, don't.

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