I feel like I'm rollin so hard right now...

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Even though I didn't actually pop any. I just smoked 2 small bowls of greens, and 2 small hash bowls. And I'm chillin bumpin some techno in the dark and I really does feel like I'm rollin. Can't wait till I let myself do it for reals again in 4 more weeks.

  2. im rollin right now :D
  3. E is a funny thing. You can do a lot of it without even realizing or hardly do any at all, but it's hard to find a good level in the middle. I love E to death, but when I've got it, I'm on it and that's not always good. I got to the point once where I took E on a Monday, then again on Wednesday, then again on Thursday night at church band practice, then did acid Thursday night for the 5th time, then did E again Saturday morning with more acid. That was a FUCKED UP week :/
  4. wow E every night of the week

    I dont do it more then a couple times a month

  5. I'm only doing it when I go to raves, and even then I don't hit up every rave there is. Next big one is Nocturnal Wonderland on Sept 29th and then Monster Massive on Oct 27th. But yea...it's gonna be soooo good! Now for my afterhigh cig haha. :smoke:
  6. I'm going to roll soon as I can get some money
  7. i used to roll with my now passed friend and go fishing....no hooks, just a weight on the line...not gonna catch anything obviously...but its a nice cool little thing

    i felt like i was rolling when i smoked this huge blunt once....it was nice...
  8. yea dude im rollin too.
  9. The day after I roll/trip when I blaze I get a little mini-roll/trip where I feel almost the full effects of either for about 15-30 minutes. It is a really sweet thing, I almost get prepared everytime just like you would for a full roll/trip, but only a lot shorter.

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